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At Smile Brands – which includes the Bright Now!® Dental, Castle Dental® and Monarch Dental® brands – we applaud the strength, passion and integrity of our employees and affiliated dental providers! We attribute our success to their dedication to serving patients – it’s the foundation of all we do. At Smile Brands every employee and affiliated dental provider shares a common vision: Delivering Smiles for Everyone®!

Our approach offers significant advantages to both dentists and patients. Come join the team and share in our success. If you are interested in employment with Smile Brands or an affiliated dental group, we encourage you to search our current job opportunities.

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Smile Brands' Vision

How We Deliver Smiles for Everyone®!

Our Story


Smile Brands' Vision

The vision of Smile Brands is to deliver Smiles for Everyone. Whether you call it our vision, mission or purpose, it is the goal that each employee and affiliated dental provider strives for every day. It means ensuring that everyone who interacts with Smile Brands – patients, doctors and employees – are enriched by their experience.

At Smile Brands, we believe that everyone has a reason to smile! Click on each circle to see what makes each group smile:


How We Deliver Smiles for Everyone®!

Doctor with Patient 105x105Patient Advocacy
With Smile Brands’ business model, affiliated dental offices are able to offer patients quality dental care at an affordable price, and do so while keeping each patient’s best interest top of mind.

At Smile Brands, employees and affiliated dental providers are “Patient Advocates.” This means considering all of a patient’s needs and, with transparency, offering the kind of treatment they'd want their own family to receive.

Patient Advocacy means educating patients on their options so they can make informed decisions about their dental treatment and choose the one that works for their budget and lifestyle.

A Doctor-Focused Culture
Central to the Patient Advocacy Model is the doctor/patient relationship. This is why Smile Brands makes investments in facilities and equipment, makes available a broad range of continuing education opportunities, and offers other non-clinical support to dental providers in its affiliated offices. Providing these tools and support allows the dentists in its affiliated offices to focus on both professional and personal growth.

Bright Now Dental service platform - G3 - greeting, guidance, gratitude

Greeting, Guiding and Gratitude is Smile Brands' Service Platform. It’s the way everyone at Smile Brands expresses consideration and respect for patients and each other. Team members use our G3® service platform with patients as an integral part of Patient Advocacy, and because we believe that you should practice what you preach, they use our G3 platform with each other as well. Demonstrating G3 service in all that we do gives everyone a reason to smile!

Here’s a summary of how we deliver great G3 service:

Greeting - Give a warm, sincere greeting to everyone you meet.

Guiding - Explain what’s going to happen, why it’s necessary, and how you will be helping them.

Gratitude - Thank every person you interact with for the privilege of serving them.


Our Story

Smile Brands Inc. (formerly Bright Now! Dental, Inc.) was founded in 1998 through the acquisition of three West Coast dental support services organizations and grew through the acquisitions of Monarch Dental Corporation in February 2003 and Castle Dental Centers, Inc. in June 2004. Today Smile Brands supports nearly 400 dental offices in 18 states and 24 markets.

1998    •  Three West Coast dental companies acquired to form Bright Now!® Dental
    - In partnership with Gryphon Investors, Bright Now! becomes large regional player
    - 52 affiliated offices in three states; 950 employees and affiliated dentists

2003   •  Bright Now! acquires Monarch Dental Corporation in February
    - Monarch adds 152 affiliated offices in 13 states and 2,200 team members
    - Gives Bright Now! a national presence and strong Texas platform, with offices primarily located
       in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio

2004   •  Bright Now! acquires Castle Dental Centers, Inc. in June, adding 73 offices and creating
    density in several markets

    - Bright Now! becomes #1 player in the $90 billion dental care industry with 270 offices
       generating over $300 million in annual revenue

2005   •  Bright Now! partners with Freeman Spogli & Co. for next stage of growth
    - Retail expertise
    - Experience with rapid growth
    - Opportunity for accelerated De Novo growth

2007   •  Bright Now! refines its business strategy
    - Smiles for Everyone®! officially becomes company vision
    - G3 – Greeting, Guiding and Gratitude – becomes company-wide service platform
    - Bright Now! Finance created and pilot testing launched

2009   •  Company name changes from Bright Now! Dental, Inc. to Smile Brands Inc.
    - Goal to simplify structure on a service platform of three main brands: Bright Now!® Dental,
       Castle Dental® and Monarch Dental®
•  Description of dental office strategy updated to include Patient Advocacy Model
2010   •  Company moves corporate (business support) office plus the West Coast Central Billing
    Office (CBO) and Call Center to the Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, California

•  Company opens 100th de novo office, reaching 325 offices by the end of 2010
•  Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (WCAS) becomes Smile Brands' largest investor
    - Private equity firm with a 30-year history of exceptional growth and strong health care focus

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