Animals laugh too

by: Sandy Johnson, RDH

Laughing is good for humans, and everyone loves seeing those beautiful pearly whites. But, if you have a household pet, chances are you may have caught little Fido or Fuzzy smiling, or even laughing. There’s a lot to smile about during the summer, after all.

Well, we did a little digging on the matter, and it turns out that animals really do laugh! Scientists have found, through studies on rats, dogs and monkeys, that certain noises animals emit are their own ways of laughing.

When rats play with one another, they let out high-pitched squeals. Monkeys, when playing, make panting noises that sound a lot like a laugh, too. And, the excited pitch a dog makes when you come home suggests he is happy to see you, and is perhaps even laughing.

Dolphins and whales, according to studies, have been recorded as animal kingdom laughers, too.

The question is: what are they laughing about? The answer remains unclear. Do animals really have a sense of humor? There have been many studies that suggest that some animals are capable of complex emotions such as grief.

Laughing has been linked to health benefits in humans. So, if the same is true for animals, let’s hope our pets keep it up.

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