Bringing Smiles to Everyone: From Paraguay to Thailand

by: Steve Bilt


Last December, we had the amazing experience of visiting orphanages and nutrition centers in Paraguay to provide dental care to children in need. We literally saved lives through procedures ranging from removing abscesses with severe infection to fillings and education about routine oral hygiene. It was an inspiring and life-changing experience for myself and the other participants.

This month, we have the honor of bringing another dental team to Chiang Rai, Thailand to build on the past successes in Paraguay. A team of employees and dentists will travel to remote villages in Thailand to do what we can to raise the level of oral health for children who have most likely never before been exposed to things like toothbrushes or flossing.

Our team will also train the local dental professionals and leave behind much of our equipment so they have the tools and the knowledge to continue the work we’ve started.

We leave on May 17, and I can honestly say I can’t wait. I’ll be in touch soon with images and stories from our experience.

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