Keeping Your Smile Bright with Braces

by: Roy Smith, D.D.S.

No one appreciates how easy it is to brush and floss as much as someone who has had braces. There’s no way around it - brushing with braces is an involved process. Wires, rubber bands and various other tooth-flexing appliances can really get in the way when you are trying to clean your teeth. As difficult as it can be, however, daily care is the only way to make sure that the straight smile you have at the end will still be healthy and white.

Here are three ways you can make this process easier:

1.       Start by flossing.Many people save flossing for last, but it’s easy to have food particles get caught in you braces during the process. By flossing first, you’ll ensure that these particles are cleaned away when you brush.

2.       Next, use your regular brush.Even though there are hard to reach places, your regular toothbrush will get most of the surfaces and help break loose anything between the wires and your teeth.

3.       Use your proxabrush (or as one of my young patients calls it, the tiny bottle brush). Despite what many think, the proxabrush is not just for when there is something wedged between braces, it should be used during every brushing.

No matter what you do, properly cleaning your teeth with braces will take a little more time. Just remind yourself that it’s only for a time and that the smile you’ll have at the end will make it all worth it.

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