Lipstick shades that bring out your smile

by: Sandy Johnson, RDH

Spring has come, and that means it is time to change up your wardrobe color palate, including new lipstick shades. Did you know that the color of your lipstick can affect how white your teeth look? According to a SELF Magazine article featured titled, “23 Lip Shades that Make Your Teeth Look Pearly White,” the shade of your lips can have a drastic effect on how your smile. So while you are sprucing up for spring, here are some helpful tips to make sure you bring out your most beautiful smile. 


Lipstick do’s

• Pale/light, sheer and bright pinks will counteract yellow tones with hints of blue and enough color to brighten up your face.

• Bright and deep red hues can make teeth look brighter than they are, plus the contrast with the rest of your face will make your lips pop!

Lipstick don’ts 

• Avoid shades with strong yellow or orange tones – these can bring out those same shades in your teeth, making your smile appear duller.

• Be careful with nudes – going too light for your complexion can make your teeth appear darker in contrast. 

• Colors outside of the pink and red family can be fun, but be careful of deep hues, like purples because they can reflect on the teeth and also makes the mouth look darker than it really is. 

So when you switch up your style, pay attention to your lipstick shade in order to keep your smile sparkling!

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