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Sandra Johnson

Director of Dental Hygiene Support for Smile Brands Inc.

When I first began working as a dental assistant more than 20 years, I immediately fell in love with the dental industry. Throughout my career, I've taken on many different roles and had tremendous opportunities. I've been an ambassador in China to promote oral health and introduce a dental hygiene curriculum to their educational system, and have served the State Board of Dentistry for the Minnesota Dental Hygienists association, to name a few. I enjoy going to work every day and truly knowing that we, as a profession, have the ability to change someone's life. The role of the dental hygienist is more than just a "tooth cleaner" - we are experts in prevention, education, and therapeutic care. In my current position as the Director of Dental Hygiene Support with Smile Brands Inc., I partner with clinical and business leaders to change the face of dental hygiene within the dental practices. It is extremely exciting to work with dental professionals who are committed to their profession and patient care, and see how the culture of dentistry is changing through their efforts.


Dr. Roy Smith

Chief Dental Officer for Smile Brands Inc.

I enjoyed practicing general dentistry both in solo private practice and with Monarch Dental for 17 years, before transitioning to full time dental practice management 14 years ago. I am currently the Chief Dental Officer of Smile Brands. I received my B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin and my D.D.S. degree from the University of Texas Dental School at San Antonio. Early on I had an interest in science and health care. While in college my dentist suggested I consider dentistry and through him I became intrigued with the bioengineering challenges of oral health care. In my current role I chair our Clinical Board of Directors and derive great personal satisfaction helping providers achieve success in their practice while delivering great care. Outside of dentistry, I enjoy church activities, golf, travel and spending time with my wife and 3 children.


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