Mints vs. chewing gum.

by: Sandy Johnson, RDH

Ever notice how most people seem to carry either mints or gum, but rarely both? It seems everyone has a preferred breath freshener and that they rarely overlap. So which one is better? The answer completely depends on the situation. 

Mints are great if you want an instant blast of fresh breath, but don’t want to have something in your mouth for the next half hour or more. They are also easy to pack around without worrying about temperature, (gum doesn’t hold up very well in a pocket or hot car) and most mint containers pack a lot more individual pieces than a pack of gum. This means you get more occasions of fresh breath for the price.

On the down side, mints usually dissolve quickly, so you’re likely to consume them at a faster rate than gum. Plus, the flavors are very limited compared to gum.  

Gum has many of the same breath freshening qualities that mints do, and some gums even kill odor-causing bacteria. It’s also ideal for after meals, as chewing gum helps to remove food particles and bacteria from your teeth and stimulates saliva production, which can help with bad breath and dry mouth. Some gums even help whiten your teeth. 

Gum has its drawbacks, too. Chewing gum can be distracting or even disrespectful in some situations (interviews, for example) and prolonged chewing can cause jaw fatigue. 

So what do you think? Will you switch breath fresheners based on these pros and cons?

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