Taking Care of Your Teeth at Work

by: Sandy Johnson, RDH, BA

No one likes to be the office goody-two-shoes who brushes their teeth in the employee bathroom after lunch, but with the amount of time the average person spends at work, taking care of your teeth is an inevitable activity at work. As we all know, food sitting on teeth and in between teeth leads to decay and cavities so it’s time to get past our fear of taking care of our teeth at work and take a few steps to sparklier teeth!

Bring your toothbrush to work. It may feel dorky to be that person in the employee bathroom standing over the sink with a toothbrush, but it’s not. Brushing your teeth at work does not make you the office geek; it makes you the office star with the sparkliest teeth and healthiest mouth.

Chew Gum. Somewhat counterintuitive, chewing gum can actually be good for your teeth. As long as its sugar free, chewing gum stimulates saliva production and neutralizes acids in the mouth that can cause tooth decay and cavities. So after that soup and sandwich, pop in a piece of minty goodness and do go for those chompers!

Mouthwash. If you really don’t want to brush at the office but are willing to do a bit more than chewing gum, try mouthwash. Rinsing for even 20-30 seconds will make a difference, and it can be less conspicuous than the full on tooth brushing. Plus it’ll help rid you of that garlic breath you’ve got from eating pesto with garlic bread for lunch!

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