Thailand - "A Trip of a Lifetime"

by: Steve Bilt

We’ve asked the dentists who traveled on the Smile Brands sponsored trip to Thailand in May 2012 to share their stories. Here is today’s, from Dr. Mazin Alayssami, lead dentist and Market Dental Director for Bright Now! Dental in Virginia.

"This was the trip of a lifetime."

That is simply the best way I can describe it, for many reasons. Starting with the Smile Brands, Inc. team members, all I can say is that we were a perfect fit for such a humanitarian mission. Everyone was a team player, full of energy, care and love, all inspired by these kids. We were amazed how disciplined they were and how cooperative.I was impressed with the energy and strength the team had to provide the services for these patients in the unusual conditions of treatment. I also was impressed with how their teachers acted like parents in authorizing the recommended treatment for these kids, as if they were all one family.

My reasons for the trip were to help, to explore, to learn, to give and to reenergize myself. What I gained was strength, appreciation and education. And I feel now I have 15 new friends I can trust."

Dr. Mazin Alayssami

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