Tips for Tuning Out During a Dental Visit

by: Roy Smith, D.D.S.

While we all know how important regular visits to the dentist are, most people don’t actually enjoy them. Aside from being knocked out which isn’t generally recommended for a simple dental appointment, I’ve seen a few ways that my patients have successfully tuned out which clearly makes the appointment go faster and more smoothly.

Rock the iPod. Listening to music has so many valuable uses. It can make us run faster on the treadmill, feel better after a bad incident or dance the night away. No matter what kind of music you like, listening to some of your favorite tunes can take you to a much happier place. So bring that iPod with you, hit play, and dream of a world far away as your dentist cleans and beautifies your pearly whites.

Warm Neck Wrap. A warm neck wrap that will enhance your relaxation during treatment will also help you tune out the unpleasantness that you may be feeling. It can be soothing, and if the room is cold, it will keep you toasty as well!

Catch Up On Your Favorite Soaps. Some dental offices even have a TV above the chair, so as you’re getting your dental services done, you can find out what soap Susan Lucci is currently on, or find out who killed Marlene on Days of Our Lives.

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