Treating Mouth Sores

by: Sandy Johnson, RDH

Treating mouth sores

Sores inside the mouth can appear for a number of reasons and are typically found on the inside of cheeks, tongue, lips or gums. The most common causes of these sores are: braces, biting or chewing of the inner cheek or lip, a burn from hot food or beverage and the use of chewing tobacco. In some cases, sores may also be symptom of stress, vitamin deficiency or immune system weakness.

Most sores will heal with time naturally. To ease the discomfort of the sores and stimulate the healing process, the following recommendations may help:

•    Mixing a teaspoon of salt with a glass of warm water and rinsing periodically. The solution will help eliminate bacteria and keep the sore clean.
•    Eating cold or frozen foods may help alleviate pain, especially that caused by burns in the mouth.
•    Do not consume food or beverages that are hot, acidic, spicy, or overly salty as these may irritate the sores and cause further discomfort.
•    Apply over-the-counter gels that protect mouth sores and can speed the healing process.

If the sore worsens or persists beyond two weeks, visit your doctor for an examination.

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