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Gum Disease Patients Nine Times More Likely to Die of COVID-19

Dental health has long been linked to overall health, and now new research indicates COVID-19 patients with gum disease are more likely to experience complications than those without gum disease.

How to Create Good Oral Health Habits for your Kids?

Even though tooth decay is one of the most common chronic childhood diseases, it's entirely preventable.

Marijuana and Oral Health: What You Need to Know

With many states legalizing marijuana either for medicinal or recreational purposes (or both), it won't be long before researchers will be able to conduct comprehensive studies on the impact of cannabis use on our overall well-being including oral health for the growing number of people using it.

Why is Vaping Bad for Your Teeth?

You've probably seen the headlines about vaping.

What You Need To Know About Oral Cancer

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month.

How Your Kids’ Allergies Impact Their Oral Health

Spring has sprung!

Overeating And Your Oral Health

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The Truth About Sports Drinks: Are They Good or Bad For Teeth?

Signs of spring are popping up here and there, making us excited to get outside and do something active!

Toothbrush 101

Is it time for you to get a new toothbrush?

Five Ways Winter Affects Oral Hygiene

It's February and, for many of us, the weather outside is still feeling frightful.

Oral Health Clues – The Holidays are Stressing You Out

With the holidays in full force, it's easy to let stress get the best of us.

It’s National Flossing Day – Tips to Help You Create (and Keep) a Daily Flossing Routine

Are you one of the many people who have trouble making flossing part of their daily routine? We get it! The busier life gets, the harder it is to stay on top of any routine.