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How to Find a New Dentist/Hygienist

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Have you recently moved, or had your dentist office close?

From time to time, you may be in the market for a new dental provider. When that time comes, you want to be equipped with the right questions to ask so you find the best dentist for you and your family. Here’s what I wish patients would ask when they’re looking for a new dentist.

  • Do you take my insurance? Save yourself the billing hassles by making sure they know how to work with your insurance company to get your care handled quickly and efficiently.
  • What are your hours? Are weekends a no-go? Are early mornings a must? Make sure your dentist has hours that work with your lifestyle rather than find out later that you can never fit an appointment into your schedule.
  • Where do my friends go? Ask a family member, a friend, on Facebook, or at school or church – does anyone LOVE their dentist? You’ll be sure to hear from someone who has a rave about their local doc and can refer you.
  • How does Office A compare to Office B? Like buying a flatscreen TV, shopping for a dentist benefits from comparisons – visit a few offices to get a sense of the vibe, the staff, the location relative to other places you like to shop, and the travel time from your home. You might realize some places have a deal-breaking factor like a lack of easy parking.

With these tips in hand, you’ll be well prepared for find the dentist that’s best for what you and your family need.