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Bright Now Olympia Offers Free Dental Service to Veterans

Tuesday - August 15th, 2017
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What do you get when the Smiles for Everyone Foundation pairs up with Bright Now! Dental, our volunteers, the community, and a whole lot of compassion?

A much needed dental service initiative called a Day of Giving, hosted at the Bright Now! Dental office in Olympia, Washington. On September 23, 2017, your local dentists in Olympia, Washington will be providing free dental care and oral health education to veterans – giving back to those who have done so much to serve our country and our community.

On September 23, over 25 volunteers from neighboring Bright Now! Dental offices will come together at the Olympia location to provide complimentary services including x-rays and exams, oral cancer screenings, fluoride treatments, sealants, fillings, and extractions to veterans and their dependents. The Day of Giving will be hosted on Saturday, September 23, 2017 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Make your appointment early by calling us at (360) 350-6486 to reserve your spot at 4210 Martin Way East.


Why Bright Now! Dental Got Involved

We all know the importance of good oral health; however, what many people may not realize is how difficult it can be to find good, quality dental care that’s both affordable and accessible. Many people, including veterans, struggle to find dental care when they need it for a variety of reasons – not having dentists nearby, high costs, or a lack of insurance. Barriers like these are all too common, and keep over one-third of Americans from visiting a dentist each year.1 It’s especially difficult for veterans when considering the Veteran’s Affairs health care package does not include dental benefits to all veterans, leaving many without basic coverage.2

At Bright Now! Dental in Olympia, office manager Lori Dowling is all too familiar with these dental obstacles. Being a veteran herself, she knows firsthand the struggles veterans face when searching for a “dentist near me” or looking to receive affordable dental treatments that are both quality and within budget.

“I enlisted in the Army Reserves as a Dental Tech so that I could not only help patients but also take care of my country! Unfortunately, I was injured and realized all too quickly how difficult it can be to receive the care needed as a disabled Vet,” says Ms. Dowling.

“I have tried many times to put an event like this together but did not truly find the support to organize one until I came to work at Bright Now! Dental and learned about the Smiles for Everyone Foundation. Our organization and leaders feel as strongly about helping others as I do, and I am incredibly honored to be a part of it!”

Ms. Dowling utilizes her position at Bright Now! Dental to give back to her fellow veterans, and we couldn’t be more proud to work with her in achieving this initiative. With this dental office located in such close proximity to Joint Base Lewis-McChord, a large military base in Olympia, Washington, we know that quality dentists and care can improve the lives of our veterans and their families. Call (360) 350-6486 to make an appointment for a Day of Giving on September 23, 2017.

About the Smiles for Everyone Foundation

When the Smiles for Everyone Foundation heard of Lori Dowling’s aspirations to help veterans in her local community, it immediately recognized the massive opportunity to serve Olympia’s community. The Smiles for Everyone Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to deliver smiles for everyone by providing free dental care to those in need – both at home and around the world. Hosting a Day of Giving for veterans at the Bright Now! Dental in Olympia is just another avenue for this foundation to give back to patients that have, and continue to serve the greater good.

Since the Smiles for Everyone Foundation was founded in 2011, the organization has provided over 12,000 smiles and $10.5 million in donated dentistry. This includes dental services in seven countries around the world – The United States., Cambodia, Ghana, Laos, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Thailand. Learn more about the many ways this foundation delivers smiles worldwide by keeping up with the organization’s International Smile Projects. Providing free dental services from our experienced team of specialized dentists is a way for the Smiles for Everyone Foundation and the Bright Now! Dental office in Olympia to give back to a mother, father, child, or neighbor you know and love, which is something we can all smile about! We live by our name and motto, “Smiles for Everyone”, and it is our mission to provide dental care to all. We are honored to be able to serve those who have served our country!

Serving our Veterans

Many veterans have put the needs of others before their own. We know our veterans our tough, especially in Olympia, Washington, but dental pain shouldn’t be something they need to toughen out. Our volunteers and dentists are prepared to address any oral health concerns and needs identified during our Day of Giving, providing well-rounded dental services that may have been neglected over the years.

Our team at Bright Now! Dental is well-equipped to handle the dental needs of all patients regardless of age. For veterans in their senior years, it is especially important to seek dental care on a routine basis, as oral issues can affect overall health. As we get older, we often are met with responsibilities and duties that tend to take priority over things like regular teeth cleanings.

For this reason, many veterans have not been able to seek dental care on a routine basis, leaving them with dental pain they’ve opted to live with. This is especially true for veterans 65 and older in the United States, as they face a greater risk for oral health problems that are generally preventable and treated. By hosting a Day of Giving for veterans, Bright Now! Dental in Olympia is planning to relieve the financial burden associated with dental visits for veterans.

Our Dental Services

On a Day of Giving, services we will be providing free of charge include digital x-rays and exams, oral cancer screenings, fluoride treatments, sealants, fillings, and extractions. We’ve found these types of dental services to be those that veterans and their dependents need the most to maintain basic oral health and hygiene. With such a wide variety of treatment options available to veterans, the Bright Now! Dental staff in Olympia, Washington is excited to provide this free day of service. Simply schedule an appointment with us today to reserve your spot for our Day of Giving, taking place on Saturday, September 23, 2017.

Our dental staff and team of volunteers are looking forward to servicing our veterans and their families, with pediatric specialists on site. We are expected to see over 100 patients but be sure to reserve your appointment as soon as possible, as spots will be filling up quickly!

Make your appointment by calling us at (360) 350-6486. When arriving for your appointment please provide us with your Veteran’s ID, DD214, or military ID so we can best assist you.


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