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2 Creative Winter Crafts for Kids

Monday - February 27th, 2017
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We are in the thick of winter, and while snowmen appear in some areas, not everyone has this frozen powder on their front yard. Whether your kids have finished their snowball fight, or they are running outside in a t-shirt, we have two cute winter crafts that will cover your fridge in no time.

1. Salty Snowman

Not everyone lives in a snowy environment, but whether you do or you don’t, here is a relatively mess-free craft that will let your kids come away with their own personal snowman.

You will need:
Blue cardstock
White glue
Paint brush
Scraps of felt or colored paper

Place the cardstock in a tray to keep the mess contained. Have your child apply glue to the cardstock in the shape of a snowman, or whatever shape they would like! Use the paintbrush to spread the glue across the area that the snowman will appear. Pour ample amounts of salt over the glue before it dries. Let this sit and dry for a few minutes before picking up the cardstock and shaking off the excess salt. Then just cut pieces of felt or colored paper in the shape of the eyes, nose, mouth, buttons and arms! Let your children cut any extra pieces to customize their snowman.

2. Snowflake Puzzle
Did you know that every snowflake is different? There are endless possibilities for these intricate shapes, so let each kid customize their own snowflake!

You will need:
White sheet of paper
Colored paper

Start by letting your children draw the outline of their own personal snowflake on the white paper. Let them go wild with the design, because the more individual, the better! Once they have outlined a full snowflake, let them cut the colored paper in misshaped pieces. Again, the crazier, the better! Once they have a big pile of colored scraps, let them begin gluing pieces of colored paper within their outlined snowflake. By the end of the process, they will have a snowflake that looks nothing like their friend’s snowflakes!

Source: http://www.redtedart.com/puzzle-pieces-crafts-snowflakes/