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Fun Earth Day Recycling Activities

Monday - April 17th, 2017
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What began as a celebration of 20 million Americans is now a global event centered on environmental reform.

Earth Day has exponentially grown since the first one in 1970, and this Saturday, 192 countries will come together to support the planet we all call home. It is important for everyone to take time to appreciate Earth, and some of the best lessons come in the form of activities geared towards children. So slow down, give thanks to our planet, and show your kids how they can have some good natural fun.

1. Everyone and everything needs to eat! Pay it forward to our bird friends with a classic peanut butter pine cone feeder. Collect pine cones from your yard or local park and tie a string loop so you can hang them up. Mixing oat bran in the peanut butter will aid bird digestion. Once you’ve coated the outside of your pine cone with enough peanut butter mix, roll the vessel in a container of birdseed. You now have a recycled and all-natural bird feeder!

2. Sometimes your recycling bin can be the best source for crafts. For a fun activity, let your kids make a recycled wind chime to add some aural charm to your patio. Grab a mixture of tin cans from your last canned meal and give these a quick cleaning. Tape the edges of each empty can to protect against cut fingers, but let your kids use their creativity to pick different objects. You’ll be amazed at what they pick for the wind chime. Once they’ve sorted through your used tin, help them nail a hole in each object. String these together and hang this where everyone can see and hear! With every clink, your kids will know they created something with recycled materials that brings joy to the whole family.

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