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Help Dad’s Teeth Shine

Wednesday - August 10th, 2016
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This month, show Dad some love by helping him treat his teeth right. Research shows that men are less likely to take care of their teeth than women. According to one study, about 86% of women say they brush their teeth twice a day, whereas only 66% of men report doing so.

Here are some ideas to make dad’s smile even brighter.

  1. Teeth whitening and dental visit: Give him the gift of teeth whitening at his dental office, but also make sure it includes a check-up and cleaning. If your dad is one to put off seeing the dentist, this may be one good way to get him to go there.
  2. New toothbrush: It’s not the most exciting gift, but it’s something practical that he actually needs and will use. On average, men change their toothbrush every five months, instead of the recommended 3-4 months. You can even upgrade him to an electronic toothbrush to make it easy to brush better.
  3. The tools to quit: If your dad is a smoker, encourage him to quit. Not only will quitting smoking keep his teeth white and protect him from disease, but it might also save his life. Try getting him on a smoking cessation regimen and help him create a “Quit Plan.”

Show your dad you care year-round by checking in on his dental health. He may need a little push from loved ones to seek medical attention.