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Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts That Beat Flowers

Wednesday - August 10th, 2016
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This Mother’s Day, give mom something more memorable and unique than the flowers or chocolates you usually get her.

Try one of these DIY gifts she’s sure to treasure:

Personalized tote bag:

From groceries to beach trips, mom always needs a good bag to carry things in-especially one designed just for her!

Start with a plain canvas bag, fabric paints, sponge brushes, and old newspapers. First, lay the old newspapers over your workspace to make for easy cleanup. Then, use the sponge brush to paint the palm of your hand, and then press handprints onto the tote.

Go with any design you’d like, but one idea is to press handprints in a circle, like flower petals with a stem and leaves on the bottom. Let the paint dry, then fill the bag with some snacks and goodies she loves.

Homemade body scrub:

Body scrubs are surprisingly easy to make! Plus, when they’re homemade you can be sure they’re 100% natural and free of chemicals. Here’s the recipe for a luxurious sugar scrub: