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How to Find Your College Student a Dentist

Thursday - August 4th, 2016
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When your kids are living at home, it’s easy to schedule dental appointments.

Whether you bring them in on a weekend or after school, you know your family dentist is just a phone call and a short drive away. But what about when they go away to college? Here are a few options to consider.

Chances are your student will be back to visit often enough to have their six month checkups and cleanings, so make the appointment as soon as you know when they’ll be home. It’s easy to get caught up in visiting friends and family once they get back, so try to schedule it early.

We have over 350 affiliated offices in 18 states across the nation. Whether your student is at ASU or UPenn, chances are there is an affiliated Smile Brands dental office nearby. Just ask your dentist or search our locations online.

Find out if the college your student attends has a dental hygiene or dental program. My friend’s son tried this at his school, and really enjoyed it. The appointment usually takes longer because the students are still learning, but it’s always supervised by a licensed dental professional. Plus, you can always have them come in for a quick checkup with your regular dentist when they’re home.