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How to Mentally Prepare for Summer Camp

Wednesday - August 10th, 2016
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Many parents agree that summer camp is a great experience for kids.

But it can also be nerve-wrecking for both kids and parents, especially if this is a child’s first time going to camp. Here are some ways you can help them get ready to have a great time at camp.

Prepare for homesickness. If your child has never slept away from home before, send them to a relative’s house for a weekend to get used to it. You can also have practice sleepovers with their friends, too. Discuss your child’s fears about being away from home and reassure them that camp is going to be fun and that they are going to make many new friends. Finally, pack a kit with their favorite toy, a journal, and photos of family and friends.

Prepare them for independence. Have your child help make a list of everything they’ll need at camp. Teach them how to separate dirty laundry from clean laundry, and how to keep their possessions in their area. Talk to the camp counselor ahead of time if your child might need help with anything in particular.

Prepare them to keep up good hygiene: Let them take control of their morning and nighttime routines before leaving for camp. Make sure that they know to brush their teeth for two full minutes in the morning and at night, in addition to flossing, washing their hands, and taking regular showers.