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How Your Favorite Beverages Are Changing Your Smile

Monday - April 2nd, 2018
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You’re on cup number three of your morning coffee, the daily ritual that gives you hope for a productive and enjoyable day. Fast forward 10 hours. You’re on glass number two of your favorite Pinot Noir (thank you, Costco!). This beautiful cycle continues day after day, month after month, year after year…and your teeth lose their luster.

Of course, professional teeth whitening services allow you to see the greatest improvement in the shortest amount of time (and we offer those!), but sometimes you just need a few DIY hacks. So, here you are, friend:

1. Baking soda isn’t just a household cleaner. A few times a week, brush with baking soda in addition to your toothpaste. No extra time is needed as it fits easily into your daily brushing routine (you do brush twice a day, right?).

2. You’ve probably heard 176 reasons you should drink lemon water. Well here’s reason 177. The beneficial acids from the lemon combined with water combat stains on your teeth. Drink up after you enjoy coffee or red wine – if it’s in the evening, try your lemon water hot for a soothing way to unwind before bed.

3. Invest in a reusable metal straw. Straws help protect your teeth from staining molecules.

Here’s to your whitest, brightest smile!