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Inexpensive DIY Gift That Doesn’t Look Inexpensive!

Monday - December 5th, 2016
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There’s the family, the extended family, family friends, office mates, doctors, dentists, kid’s friends, and so on.

With so many people on your holiday gift list, the expenses start to really add up! It is the season of giving, but your gift ideas and money can only run so far. As a gift to you, here’s a thoughtful DIY present that won’t break the bank, but will leave your recipient with something really unique.

Marbled Clay Dish

Perfect for scattered pieces of jewelry, keeping track of loose
bobby pins, keys or end of the day pocket change, these marbled clay dishes can
be made out of yours or your recipient’s favorite colors of oven bake clay!

1. Roll 5 inch ropes of each color, ideally with at least one
white, gray and black.

2. Twist together the clay ropes and roll into a ball.

3. Flatten this clay ball with a rolling pin or jar. Have fun rolling
different directions to create the marbled pattern.

4. Using a knife and rounded guide, cut a circle out of your
marbled mold.

5. Place this circle in an oven safe bowl with a slightly smaller
diameter than your mold. Let the middle sag to mimic the same bowl shape.

6. Follow instructions on the clay packaging to bake your new dish.

7. Optional: Paint the rim of the dish and seal with a glaze for a
glossy finish.

FIY: We suggest this easy-to-sculpt clay!

Source: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2014/11/marbled-clay-ring-dish.html