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5 Little-Known Ways to Be Kind to Your Mouth for World Kindness Day

Tuesday - August 9th, 2016
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World Kindness Day, November 13th, began in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement.

The thinking was simple: if everyone makes a small effort to be kinder, the world can be a better place. Some people mark this day by donating food, volunteering, or even paying for a stranger’s coffee.

We think this is a perfect chance to show your mouth and teeth extra kindness, too. Here are five excellent ideas:

  1. You’re already generous by brushing your teeth twice a day. But don’t forget to show the roof of your mouth some love. Brush the roof of your mouth ever day as logs of germs can be hiding up there.
  2. Give your tongue some TLC by investing in a tongue scraper, a great tool for getting unwanted bacteria, plaque, and dead cells off your tongue.
  3. Drink unsweetened green tea. Green tea has been shown to protect the mouth against some of the bacteria that can cause tooth decay. It can also help with bad breath.
  4. Bring a mouth-healthy snack to the office or school. Fruits and vegetables are a great choice because tehy contain water and fiber, which balance out your sugar intake and help keep teeth clean.
  5. Sugary treats will be everywhere during the holidays, so why not bring in a new toothbrushes for the office? It’s a surprising – and very helpful – treat that everyone needs after the holiday sweets circulate!

Let’s all show some kindness to all those around us this week! Who’s in?