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Los Angeles Orthodontist: Finance Braces on a Budget in 2018

Thursday - January 18th, 2018
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There’s nothing that builds confidence like a beautiful smile. However, most of us are not born with perfect teeth. Orthodontist services help straighten your smile while also avoiding possible dental problems further down the line, as misaligned teeth can lead to chewing issues, jaw pain and many more extreme situations. With that said though, it often takes a considerable amount of work and monetary investments into a smile. Whether this includes braces, Invisalign or other cosmetic applications, these procedures and applications can add up, even with payment plans when turning to a dentist near you. Some forms of dental insurance can cover dental procedures, especially if there is a potential medication situation requiring you to go with braces.

However, it may not cover all of your dental needs. That is why we at Bright Now want to do everything in our power to help you with dental financing. With a handful of money saving coupons and budget opportunities for you, 2018 can become the best smile year you’ve ever experienced

Save With Exams and X-Rays

Before moving forward with any kind of dental procedure, it is important to know exactly what’s going on with your teeth. A visual exam can help, but it doesn’t show the roots and what’s going on underneath the gums. That is why a digital X-ray is necessary. With the special coupon available through Bright Now, you can receive your initial oral exams and digital X-ray for only $29.

The X-ray is designed to help identify potential issues lingering. On top of this, the oral exam allows the dentist to go in and look directly at your teeth. This is helpful if you’ve been suffering from any kind of pain and toothaches. It also helps with the early identification of gum disease. This may be as simple as noticing flaps of skin around the teeth or a loss of elasticity within the gums. Both the oral exam and the X-ray makes it possible to identify potential problems early on and set up a defensive plan in order to go about making corrections. Either way, at only $29 for the examination, you’ll save a considerable amount of money while maintaining your dental health.

Coupons for Dental Services

Looking for a way to cut money off of your dental bill? At Bright Now, you can shave $100 off of your dental services. These dental services cover a wide range of services, including bridges, fillings, crowns, teeth cleanings and other services. The services may also differ a bit, based on the Los Angeles location you stop by. so if you’re curious as to what kind of current medical discounts are available, make sure to give your Los Angeles office a call. This way, you can find out what kind of discounts and benefits are available to you.

Interested in money saving opportunities for braces, veneers, teeth whitening or other cosmetic procedures? Give the office a call to find out what the current discounts and saving opportunities are for these services. You may discover there are several options available to you for saving money.

The available dental plans and discounts do change on a regular basis. Sometimes you just don’t have the time in the day to give BrightNow a call or to look over the Internet in order to find the different discounts. If that is the case, you can sign up to receive information regarding the latest offers directly from BrightNow. This way, you’ll receive regular emails from BrightNow regarding not only your specific Los Angeles location, but the discounts being offered from the Los Angeles location as well. So, if you’re interested in being the first to know of all the great money saving opportunities, sign up for the email through your office the next time you stop by.

Finance Orthodontist Services

Dental insurance is a great way to save money every single time you go see the dentist. Your employer may provide dental insurance, or you may pay for it yourself. Dental insurance often provides coverage for preventative care. This is the best way to avoid cavities and other problems with your oral health. However, you might discover that, if you’re in need of orthodontist services, your insurance doesn’t cover this. Some dental insurance plans and policies do not cover what is considered a cosmetic procedure. Now, if it is deemed the braces are needed as a preventative measure, it may fall under the preventative care aspect of your policy. When this is the case, it is a good idea to talk it over both with the staff at Bright Now and with your insurance provider. This way, you have a heads up as to whether or not the orthodontist services will be covered.

Should you discover your dental insurance doesn’t cover braces, Invisalign and other dental procedures, there are financing opportunities available for you through BrightNow. BrightNow does accept most forms of dental insurance (although it is recommended to give your Los Angeles BrightNow branch a call, just to make sure ahead of time). If your insurance is for whatever reason not accepted, if you don’t have dental coverage or if you are not fully covered for the orthodontist services, BrightNow does offer different payment plans designed to help make the procedure more affordable. Currently, there are a few different dental payment plan options. There is a low down payment option with no interest, a now money down and no interest plan, and an extended repayment plan that allows you to pay back the cost of the procedure over the span of up to 48 months (with a 14.9 percent promotional interest rate).

You also don’t have to pay with straight cash or a check. BrightNow does accept all major credit cards, so if you would like to pay with your credit card (and possibly help earn more reward points through your credit provider), you are free to do that.

OneSmile Dental Plan

If you’re interested in the OneSmile dental plan, it is a great money saving opportunity. There are three different plan options. The first is an individual plan, that currently costs $79 per year. The second is for two individuals and costs $99 per year. The third is a family plan and costs $119 per year.

The beauty of the OneSmile dental plan is everyone qualifies. It is not insurance where you need to provide a host of different financial documentations or go through medical tests. You simply fill out some paperwork, pay the annual fee and you’re good to go. There are never any restrictions preventing you from accessing the plan. There are a few different OneSmile dental plans, so you can go with a service that better fits the kinds of dental needs you, or your family, will likely experience. So, if you’re serious about taking care of your teeth but want to save monty along the way, make sure to look into the OneSmile dental plans.

What exactly does the OneSmile dental plan cover? For starters, you receive free exams. So if you have a toothache and want to see what’s going on, you can make an appointment with BrightNow and you won’t have to pay a cent. This is also because you have free X-rays as well. You’ll never pay a dime for either exams or X-rays. These plans go into effect immediately, so if you’re at the dentist and need to pay for the exam and X-ray out of pocket, you can instead opt for the OneSmile plan, which will cover the cost of your exams right then and there. Best of all, there is no annual maximum, so you’ll never max out your coverage, you’ll never have any claim forms to submit and you are guaranteed to be accepted.

You will also save on other dental and orthodontist procedures as well. This includes dental cleanings, fillings, crowns, core buildup (including the usage of pins) and extractions from erupted teeth. The money saving options do vary, so make sure to talk it over with your Los Angeles office to see how OneSmile can save you money on these different procedures. However on average, you will save between 20 and 40 percent off of what you would normally pay without OneSmile. If you have a family and each member comes in to see the dentist twice a year, this alone will save you hundreds of dollars.

Using your OneSmile plan at the Los Angeles offices is easy. After you have enrolled and signed up for the service, you can call and schedule your appointment. At the time of your appointment you can show your membership ID during the visit. You will be mailed your ID, but you can show the staff your acceptance email, as all that is required is the account information listed (which will be present in the email). You will then be quoted the discounted price for your dental services.

Dentist Near Me in Los Angeles

When you live in greater Los Angeles, you have access to literally hundreds of different dentists. However, as is the case with any other profession, not all dentists and dental practices are created equal. You need to find a practice you feel comfortable with, one that listens to you and one capable or providing you with all of the dental services needed without overcharging you. That is why you need to turn to the team at Bright Now and discover exactly what the dental staff is able to do for you. If you’re not happy with the services you received after your first visit, you are more than welcome to go to another dentist. Chances are though, after your initial appointment with Bright Now, you’ll make it your go to dentist of choice, thanks to the quality care you receive, the helpful staff and the money saving opportunities presented to you.
Sign Up For Savings

Asking to be put on the email list while visiting the Los Angeles branch is an easy way to make sure you receive the right emails for your given location. However, you can also sign up for the services directly through the Bright Now website. Through this provided link, you’ll need to provide your name, the Los Angeles office you visit, and then input your email address. You’ll be asked if you want to receive email appointment reminders, quarterly newsletters from your Los Angeles dentist and periodic dental discounts and offers. You can subscribe to one, some or all of them, depending on what you’re interested in. Once you submit, you’ll be signed up and ready.

At Bright Now, it is our quest to provide you with the very best dental services possible. This includes orthodontist procedures with braces and Invisalign. We also want to help make it as affordable as possible, which is why we are offering a handful of different money saving opportunities for you in 2018. So whether you’re able to use insurance for the dental needs or you’re paying out of pocket, this is the perfect year to come in for a beautiful smile. You’ll be glad you did. So whether you have additional questions, want to know more about the services offered or are ready to set up an appointment, pick up the phone and give the team at Bright Now a call today.