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OneSmile Dental Plan: Your Insurance Alternative in Colorado

Wednesday - November 29th, 2017
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When it comes to dental plans, patients can sometimes feel limited. Between a full dental insurance plan or paying out of pocket, it can seem like there is no option that truly fits your needs. You can spend time using a dentist near me search to find an affordable dentist in your area, but this doesn’t always guarantee quality care that’s effective. When you’re looking for a Colorado dentist without dental insurance, you can look to OneSmile Dental Plan for a dental fit that’s just right. This alternative to dental insurance has helped Colorado patients and dentists find care that suits their needs. We’ve got your guide on how this dental insurance alternative can help you:

Issues with Dental Insurance

There are many benefits to having dental insurance, especially when it’s offered by your employer. It can help cover the cost of preventative care entirely, keeping your teeth healthy with those regular teeth cleanings and oral exams. With some dental insurance plans, emergency dental visits are also fully covered such as a chipped tooth. Dental insurance can help provide you with security when it comes to your teeth, but their can be some stipulations.

Dental insurance doesn’t always cover the entire cost of every dental procedure, or sometimes at all. We recommend you check with your dental insurance plan to see what’s covered and what isn’t under dental services. For example, porcelain veneers, Clear Aligners, or teeth whitening can be seen as purely cosmetic procedures and not warranted under coverage. Each dental insurance plan will differ, but it’s always good to know before scheduling an appointment with your dentist and being left with a large bill you weren’t prepared for.

Paying out of Pocket

The most common alternative to dental insurance plans is simply paying out of pocket. Many Colorado citizens opt for paying with their own funds when it comes to taking care of their smile. However, this can sometimes muddle your decision for quality dental care with financial concerns. You may start to wonder how much you really need to visit your dentist for that regular teeth cleaning. Once financial concerns start to impact your dental health decision making, you may start leaving care behind. The struggle continues when trying to find a dental insurance plan that fits your financial budget.

What is OneSmile Dental Plan?

When you’re looking for a middle-of-the-road option for dental care, that’s where a OneSmile dental plan comes in. Sometimes full-blown dental insurance vs. no dental insurance aren’t good options. When this is the case, you need an alternative that works. Something that can provide you all the benefits of having an affordable dentist with some of the top professionals to provide quality care that matters. A OneSmile dental plan means free exams, free X-rays, discounts on dental services, and no annual maximums all for a small yearly fee. Using this payment method, you gain access to quality care at a discounted rate, meaning healthy smiles for you and your family.

How OneSmile Dental Plan works

The OneSmile dental plan allows you to be flexible as a patient. With one annual fee, you gain access to so much more when it comes to dental care that provide more than just a healthy smile. The annual fee will depend on who will be included under the plan. Whether it’s just you, or your entire family, the dental plan does a great job at giving everyone access to dental care. With the OneSmile dental plan, you’ll receive free exams and dental X-rays, with an additional 20-40% off all dental services. The discounts will vary, depending on your location. From a route canal to teeth whitening, the plethora of dental services are discounted with this access plan.

With OneSmile dental plan, you are guaranteed access. Whatever your occupation, income, or credit score, you will be accepted as a member. At Bright Now! Dental, we believe everyone has the right to quality dental care, which is why we’re taking dental service plans one step further. We understand that not all dental insurance plans suit everyone, and that no coverage at all doesn’t work either. Our goal is to help patients maintain healthy oral care so that their smiles, gums, and teeth last a lifetime.

Steps to enrollment

The enrollment process is easy, and you can even apply online. As soon as your payment is processed, you’re ready to receive quality care straight away – it’s that simple. You can apply the discounts to whatever dental services you feel you need. If you’re not sure, schedule an oral exam using a dentist near me search to find the closest Bright Now! Dental location. From their they can assess the state of your oral health and determine what you’ll need to maintain a beautiful smile.

1. Select a Plan

The first step to enrolling in your OneSmile dental plan is to select the right plan option for you. You can choose between one or two year enrollment plans. Then you’ll choose who needs coverage – you, two people, or your family. Rates will vary depend on which option you choose. They are as follows:

2. Sign Up

Signing up is a breeze thanks to our online enrollment program. Since the OneSmile dental plan isn’t dental insurance, everyone is covered. Once you submit payment, you’re good to go with savings on all dental services. Online just isn’t your thing? We get that too. You can also apply over the phone by calling us at 1-833-417-6453 where one of our representatives will guide you through any questions or concerns you have about the membership plan.

3. Start Saving

Reap the benefits of your savings the minute your application goes through! The discounts will help alleviate some of the financial burden with some dental procedures that you may have been putting off. Just like the rest of your body, it’s important to pay attention to what you and your teeth need. Now’s your chance to do so, without the expensive price tag. You’ll receive a welcome letter and ID cards for you to bring to participating offices in your area.

Keep in mind that the dental plan doesn’t work the same way as insurance, and payment will be required upon your visit unless you have made other arrangements with your provider. For example, some Bright Now! Offices have payment plans to assist with the cost of your dental services. You will have to arrange any time of payment that deviates from your visit directly with your provider.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone! The reason OneSmile dental plan differs so much from other plans is because it’s not dental insurance. Anyone can become a member of the plan, regardless of age, income, or pre-existing conditions. The discounts and savings are applied to all members. If you’re registering for your family, members of your family will include anyone living under your household. Any additional members to your family can be added after enrollment. If you register as an individual, but want to upgrade your account to a family plan after you’ve enrolled, we have the option to upgrade your account.

Once you’ve applied and completed the payment process, you will be mailed an ID card to take to your participating Bright Now! Dental locations. For additional family members, you can re-print membership cards online. If you applied over the phone, or don’t have access to a computer you can call us at (833) 41 – SMILE (417-6453) for additional ID cards.

Even if you already have dental insurance, you can still benefit from being a member of a OneSmile dental plan. As mentioned before, dental insurance doesn’t always cover everything. Perhaps you have an underlying issue that requires a more invasive procedure such as root canal therapy. If your dental insurance doesn’t cover some dental procedures, you can be left with a large bill, especially if surgery was part of the procedure. The OneSmile dental plan can help lower the cost of the remaining balance unpaid by dental insurance. If you have dental insurance, talk to your provider about using the OneSmile dental plan as a backup option to assess if it’s something your oral care could benefit from.

Find a OneSmile Dental Plan in your Neighborhood

Using a dentist near me search will help you pull up several Bright Now! Dental offices in your area. If you are considering enrolling in a OneSmile dental plan, you’ll want to make sure the offices you choose are a participant in the program. To find out you can visit us online, or call us directly at (833) 41 – SMILE (417-6453). Our staff can help you find providers within your area for you to receive quality dental care at a discounted rate.

We’re excited to bring you one step closer to a beautiful, healthy smile from an affordable dentist. Because our offices have a wide range of dental professionals, you won’t have any trouble seeking out your dental needs. From preventative care to emergency dental work and pediatric care, we have your smile covered.