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Packing For Your Summer Getaway Before Summer Gets Away

Monday - July 30th, 2018
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Does the end of summer have you feeling a little down? You’re not alone, we feel it, too. There’s still time to make a last-minute trip and get away from it all. We’ve got some packing tips to get you started and on the road.

First, let’s talk clothing. The key item: a swimsuit. We’ve all had times when an opportunity to swim in a pool, jump into a lake, or soak in a hot tub passed us by because we forgot a swimsuit. You don’t need to plan an outfit for every single day. In fact, challenge yourself to get by with a few shirts, a pair of pants or a versatile skirt, a pair of shorts, a sweater, and jacket. You’ll get a bunch of different outfits just by mixing and matching. Use the space you save on clothing to allow yourself to bring more than one pair of shoes for the different activities you’ll be doing. And finally, because it’s summer, be sure to pack a hat.

Now, on to toiletries. Having a bag of travel-sized products on hand makes packing a breeze. Not to mention, it makes getting ready for spontaneous trip a lot more…spontaneous. Whether you have a bag already or are just getting around to putting one together, here are the essentials we think you should have: toothpaste, a toothbrush (obviously), floss shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, moisturizer/lotion, and deodorant. And if your getaway involves air travel and carry-on bags, liquids should be in containers no larger than 3 oz.

Last but not least, don’t forget these miscellaneous items. The Girl Scout motto “be prepared” rings true here. Always pack a first aid kit no matter how serious the adventure. Mosquitos love warm weather, especially moist AND warm weather, so pack some insect repellent. Because it is hot out, definitely pack sunscreen – read last month’s blog on sun care are you’ll know why 😉 And don’t forget chargers for you electronics, because when the opportunity for a selfie presents itself it’s hard to resist.

And that should do it. Now to get these items packed up and get you off on your adventure.