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4 Post-Holiday Fitness Tips

Friday - December 23rd, 2016
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It’s the day after Christmas and many of you awoke with a wistful smile and a very, very full belly.

The holidays are synonymous with overindulgence, and let’s face it: weight gain. With the new year right around the corner, it is time to shift away from holiday eating habits and get back on track with these 4 helpful hints!

1. Portion Control: The holidays are a time to let loose and enjoy your favorite holiday treats, but the time for overindulgence is over! Practice portion control. Less is more.

2. Drink Wisely: Alcohol is a diet killer. Although the holidays are coming to a close you can still have fun on New Year’s without drinking all of your calories. Limit your alcohol intake and choose beverages that are not loaded with sugar. Stay hydrated and drink water in between cocktails.

3. Maintain a Modified Routine: The holiday season is a busy time with parties, shopping and vacations, which probably means you haven’t had time to hit the gym. Get back into that routine! Plan out your workouts and make it a priority.

4. Stay Positive: Don’t be too hard on yourself if you had one too many holiday desserts. If you’ve fallen off track, don’t be discouraged. Get back to the gym, practice that portion control and stay positive! You will be back in shape before you know it.