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Six Ways to Improve (And Maybe Even Enjoy?!) Flossing

Friday - April 27th, 2018
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Raise your hand if you lie when your dentist asks how often you floss. It’s okay, you’re not alone. We understand flossing can be a hassle. We also know that it’s pretty important, so here are some tips and tools to help make it a little less #ugh.

1. Waterpik

One of the latest and greatest tools to hit the dental market. The Waterpik is a handheld electronic tool that sprays a stream of water in-between teeth to remove gum disease causing plaque and build up. It’s easy to use, painless, and effective.

2. Airfloss

Similar to the Waterpik, but instead shoots a stream of water dotted with tiny water droplets to clean between teeth (only using one teaspoon of water per use!). The Airfloss is considered more economical in terms of size and messiness, but is a bit less effective than the Waterpik.

3. Interdental Flossers

Essentially a tiny toothbrush. The interdental flosser’s bendable brush heads gently clean in-between the teeth, contouring to the unique spaces there.

4. Flavored Floss

Coconut, tutti frutti, or orange flavored, anyone?

5. Habit Tracking Apps

Sometimes we just need a little help remembering. Try one of these apps:

6. Alarms & Reminders

For a free, no frills approach to dental hygiene, simply set a daily alarm or timed reminder on your smartphone, and then whatever you do, don’t hit snooze.

Happy flossing!