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Maximize Your Dental Insurance Benefits by the End of the Year

2018 is almost in the books. And if your dental insurance (like most out there) operates on the calendar year, there may be some unused benefits. That’s because your dental benefits don’t roll over into the new year. Because of that, now is the perfect time to review your benefits and determine if there are…

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Why Smiling Is Your One-Stop Shop To Boosting Mood And Health

Why do vampires clean their teeth three times a day? … To prevent bat breath! Okay, we know that joke was a little cheesy, but did we make you laugh? How about smile, or a slight smirk? Studies have shown that even the slightest smile can play a significant role in reinforcing your emotions. In…

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Who Knew Honey Helps?!

Oh that sweet, syrupy goodness! This month we take a look at honey; the delicious substance bees produce from nectar collection. There are over 300 honey varietals in the United States alone, each with its own color and flavor. A pound of honey may contain the nectar of more than two million flowers, so you…

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