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Adorable & Easy: The Perfect DIY for National Tooth Fairy Day

Today is National Tooth Fairy Day! What better way to celebrate than by crafting this adorable Tooth Fairy pillow?! This pillow is as functional as it is cute. The tooth becomes a pocket, perfect for storing tiny baby teeth. Embrace your inner Martha Stewart, plug in your hot glue gun, and enjoy this fun and…

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5 Cute Craft Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and while flowers are a very sweet gift, something homemade might make Mom feel extra special! This Mother’s Day, try making Mom a gift that not only can she enjoy for more than a few days, but one that shows just how much she means to you! FLOWER…

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Fun Earth Day Recycling Activities

What began as a celebration of 20 million Americans is now a global event centered on environmental reform. Earth Day has exponentially grown since the first one in 1970, and this Saturday, 192 countries will come together to support the planet we all call home. It is important for everyone to take time to appreciate…

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2 Creative Winter Crafts for Kids

We are in the thick of winter, and while snowmen appear in some areas, not everyone has this frozen powder on their front yard. Whether your kids have finished their snowball fight, or they are running outside in a t-shirt, we have two cute winter crafts that will cover your fridge in no time. 1.…

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5 Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas & Activities for Kids

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And while many are thinking of ways to celebrate their significant other, it’s also a time to celebrate with all of your loved ones, including your kids. Here are a few ideas for crafts and activities your kids can do (with your help) for the people they love.…

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Toboggan Ornament for the Tree!

Holiday crafting is a perfect activity for the kids during winter break. This week we bring you a set of easy instructions to create a tiny toboggan ornament that can be hung as an ornament on your tree or given as a gift. Perfect as a holiday party activity, or just for a fun family…

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Inexpensive DIY Gift That Doesn’t Look Inexpensive!

There’s the family, the extended family, family friends, office mates, doctors, dentists, kid’s friends, and so on. With so many people on your holiday gift list, the expenses start to really add up! It is the season of giving, but your gift ideas and money can only run so far. As a gift to you,…

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