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Shark Facts for Shark Week!

Shark Week is coming up so we have some fun facts about our favorite ocean predator. Learn how shark teeth compare with our teeth! Shark Teeth Comparison Perhaps the most scary or fascinating thing about sharks is their teeth. They can have 15 rows of teeth at any given time and these chompers continuously regrow…

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What to Expect Before & After a Teeth Cleaning

Whether it’s your very first teeth cleaning, or a routine dental checkup, we all tend to get a little nervous performing that “dentist near me” search for our next appointment. Knowing what to expect before scheduling your local dentist appointment can help you mentally prepare as well as understand our affordable payment plans. We’ve asked…

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Know the Signs of Gum Disease

Gum disease is more of a prevalent issue than you may think. Because gum disease can vary in stages, it can be difficult to detect gum disease symptoms on your own. While you may be brushing and flossing regularly, a routine teeth cleaning at your Bright Now dentist is your best bet to check for…

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Los Angeles Dentist Recommends 10 Teeth Cleaning Questions to Ask

When browsing for an affordable “dentist near me”, it’s important to consider a dental team that understands the significance a teeth cleaning and checkup can have on your overall health. Our best-in-class offices in Los Angeles are staffed with top dentists who are ready to help you make the most of your next visit. We…

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10 Teeth Cleaning Tips to Prevent Toothache

If you have a toothache, or have suffered from one in the past, finding a toothache remedy (and fast) is the key to relief. However, finding the right toothache remedy can be difficult, and toothache pain isn’t something you should ever ignore. The best way to rid toothaches altogether lies within prevention. Proper oral hygiene…

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Know the Difference: Teeth Cleaning vs. Teeth Whitening

Teeth cleaning and teeth whitening are two types of dental procedures that patients often get confused. However, these procedures and their goals are actually quite different. The primary goal of teeth cleaning is to remove plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth, in order to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. The main…

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How Teeth Cleanings Assist in Avoiding a Cavity

Routine Professional Teeth Cleaning – Why does it matter? An apple a day keeps the doctor away (so we’re told), but why is visiting your dentist every six months for a teeth cleaning so important? Your regular dental check-up is instrumental to preventing and treating a cavity. With busy schedules and family priorities, it’s all…

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