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Top 5 Foods for a Healthy Mouth

Monday - May 1st, 2017
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We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat,” and when it comes to your teeth, that saying couldn’t be truer!

We know that we should stay away from sugary foods like candy and soda, and that eating healthy foods promotes overall health. But what can you eat to maintain good oral health? We’ve found five essential foods that can help keep your oral and personal health in top form!

Being low in sugar and a good source of calcium and protein make almonds an ideal snack, as well as a good way to keep your mouth healthy. Try adding a handful to your salad for added flavor or add them to a stir-fry dinner for that extra element of texture.

Carrots are crunchy and full of good nutrients like fiber and vitamin A. Pack this veggie as an afternoon snack or part of your lunch. Eating even a handful of raw carrots can help increase saliva production that reduces the risk of cavities.

Dairy products like yogurt and cheese have been proven to help maintain good oral health. Cheese, especially, can raise the pH of your mouth and lower your risk for tooth decay. This dairy product also contains calcium and protein, both of which help to strengthen tooth enamel. Just like cheese, yogurt is also high in calcium and protein, with the added benefit of probiotics. These beneficial bacteria can help your gums by crowding out other bacteria that can cause cavities and other issues.

An apple a day may keep your doctor away, but it can also keep your dentist away. Apples may be on the sweeter side, but have a high water and fiber content. By eating apples, you increase the saliva in your mouth, which helps to rinse away bacteria and food particles. Thanks to the fiber in the apple’s skin, your gums are also stimulated.

While celery may be bland and best paired with peanut butter, cream cheese, or ranch dip, it can act as an impromptu toothbrush, as it scrapes leftover food particles and bacteria away from your teeth. Another benefit of this water-rich veggie is that it’s a good source of vitamin A and vitamin C, as well as two antioxidants.

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