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Top 2 Ways to Get Ready for the New School Year

Monday - July 24th, 2017
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It’s never too early to get ready for your kids going back to school. With summer coming to a close, it’s important to be ready and proactive. During the months between the school years, it’s easy to forget routines and schedules, and can be hard to get back in the rhythm of things. Set you and your kids up for success by starting a daily schedule that resembles what you’ll experience during the school year to make the transition easier, and find ways to get your kids back in the mindset of being back at school!

Reset Your Daily Schedule

During the summer, schedules become lax as bedtimes and wakeup times are extended. As the summer months wind down, try to slowly move bedtimes earlier in the night and wakeup times earlier in the morning. Spread the change over a week or two for an easier transition. Another way to get on schedule is to block out the schedule with important school dates, holidays, test days, and more. This can be done physically or digitally, depending if you’re more digitally inclined or prefer a physical visual.

Get in the School Mindset

When it’s time to get back to the academic grind, mindset is everything. Make it a point to set goals for the upcoming year. Want to have a certain GPA? Write down the steps that will get you (or your child) there. Be specific with your goals, as “get good grades” is generic and open to interpretation. With goals like, “I will finish my homework assignments as soon as I get home and reward myself with an hour of TV or video games,” it’s easier to stay on track. Another way to do this is to look back on the previous year and find areas on which you would like to improve on. Did you get a B average in a class that you (or your child) think you could do better in? Figure out the best way to accomplish it.

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