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5 Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas & Activities for Kids

Monday - February 6th, 2017
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

And while many are thinking of ways to celebrate their significant other, it’s also a time to celebrate with all of your loved ones, including your kids. Here are a few ideas for crafts and activities your kids can do (with your help) for the people they love. Be it a parent, sibling, grandparent, friend or teacher, the recipient will know they are loved with these Valentine’s Day ideas.

Sun Catcher

1. Catch the sun with cute sun catcher decorations. They are easy, inexpensive and sure to brighten up your home.

Materials needed:
• Heart-shaped (or circular) paper hole punch (any size)
• Contact paper
• Painter’s tape
• Red, pink and white construction paper (or any other colors, feel free to get creative!)
• Scissors
• Stickers (optional)

• Cut the construction paper into small squares, then punch the hearts from the paper. This may require some help depending on age and motor skills.
• Place contact paper onto your table. Secure it with painter’s tape.
• Pour, pinch, dump or shake the paper hearts onto the contact paper to create a design. Feel free to add stickers or larger construction paper shapes to make your sun catcher unique.
• Depending on the size you want, fold the contact paper over or place another sheet on top, then cut out a heart or any other shape you want.
• To hang, you can punch a hole at the top and add a string or simply attach directly to the window with painter’s tape.

Source: http://kidsactivitiesblog.com/24124/valentine-crafts

Cookie Cutter Stamping

2. Cookie Cutter Stamping is an easy and fun way to explore textures and colors with your little ones.

Materials needed:
• Tempera Paint
• Cookie Cutters
• Kitchen Utensils
• Toothpicks
• Paper
• Paper Plate

• Tape a large piece of easel paper to a table
• Squirt different colors of paint onto the paper plate
• Supervise as your kids have fun using different supplies to create patterns. You can try cookie cutters, old toothbrushes, a potato masher, etc. Be creative!

Source: http://parentingchaos.com/valentines-day-cookie-cutter-stamping/

DIY Valentine’s Day Pencil Toppers

3. DIY Valentine’s Day Gift – Pencil Toppers are a great, small way to remind your kids of your love.

Materials Needed:
• Cardboard
• Pencils
• Colored cardstock
• Scissors
• Stickers
• Hole punch

• Make a template to trace around (heart, cupid, etc.)
• Trace template onto cardstock and cut out
• Decorate with markers and stickers. You can write fun sayings like “You’re just write for me” or “You’ve got the write stuff.”
• Use the hole punch to make holes on either side. Then slide onto each pencil.

Source: http://www.ourfamilyworld.com/2013/01/22/diy-valentines-day-pencil-toppers/

Handmade Pine Cone Love Bugs

4. There’s nothing cuter than these handmade Pine Cone Love Bugs!

Materials needed:
• Pinecones
• Pipe cleaners
• Googly eyes
• Craft felt
• Hot glue gun
• Scissors

• Use the scissors to cut 3 pipe cleaners into thirds (about 4 inches). Attach them to the pine cone with hot glue. Younger kids will need help from an adult.
• Glue 2 (or more!) googly eyes to the pine cone
• Cut out 2 small hearts. Glue the hearts to the pipe cleaner antennae.

Source: http://www.firefliesandmudpies.com/2015/01/08/pine-cone-love-bugs/

Dissolving Hearts

5. Valentine Candy Science: Dissolving Hearts Experiment. Try your hand at some science. There’s even a printable available for data collection at the link below!

Materials needed:
• Candy hearts
• Containers (silicone cupcake liners work well)
• Water of various temperatures
• Timer

• Fill containers with equal amounts of water at different temperatures (cold, warm, hot)
• Make a prediction: Which temperature will dissolve the candy hearts fastest? Why?
• Add a candy heart to each container
• Start your timer and observe what happens
• Note any changes you see and record the amount of time it takes for each candy heart to dissolve
• Follow the link to learn about why!

Source: http://inspirationlaboratories.com/valentine-candy-science-dissolving-hearts-experiment/