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3 Ways Halloween Candy Impacts Your Health

Wednesday - August 10th, 2016
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While many of us know candy isn’t great for you, avoiding it can be hard-especially at Halloween when there are mini candies everywhere you look!

Here are some health reasons why it’s smart to leave it alone.

  1. Weight gain: Candy is loaded with calories. All those yummy components-nuts, chocolate, caramel, peanut butter-are highly caloric. Eating just a few “fun sized” candy bars can quickly add lots of calories to your daily intake, which can turn into extra pounds.
  2. Sugar is addictive: Sugar acts on the brain the same way opioids do. In fact, some studies show that sugar cravings are similar to those caused by addictive drugs. The more sugar you eat, the more you’ll want. So just say no!
  3. Tooth decay: Since candies are essentially sugar bombs, it’s not surprising that they also cause cavities. The bacteria in your mouth loves it when you eat candy, because all that sugar feeds the bacteria and gives it energy to eat holes in your teeth, causing cavities. Sticky candies, like taffy and caramels, are particularly bad because they actually stick to the teeth and erode your enamel.

To avoid temptation, try keeping healthy snacks on hand or chew sugar-free gum. This will keep your mouth occupied and your hands out of the candy bowl!