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3 Ways to Detox After the Holidays

Wednesday - August 10th, 2016
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If you’re still feeling a little sluggish after the holidays, you’re not alone. We can all agree that it’s a challenge to start eating well and exercising regularly after all that holiday eating and drinking. Here are some great ideas for detoxing your body this month.

1. Go dry for one month: Try to avoid drinking alcohol for 30 days. Aside from giving your liver a rest, you will also consume fewer calories (since alcohol is highly caloric) and reduce your cholesterol and blood glucose levels. Your teeth will also thank you, as alcoholic drinks can irritate the soft tissues in the mouth and decrease saliva production.

2. Eat whole foods and cook at home: Shop around the perimeter of the grocery store for whole foods like veggies, fruits, dairy and meat, and avoid the aisles of processed foods and snacks. Look up new recipes to try, and cook your own delicious, healthy meals.

3. Break out the blender: Learn how to make delicious and nutritious smoothies as a breakfast or lunch replacement. You can find several tasty recipes online that are loaded with fruits and veggies. They’ll keep you full and feeling great all day long.