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3 Ways to Keep Up Dental Health In the Summer

Wednesday - August 10th, 2016
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Summertime is finally here! However, carefree summer days could spell danger for your kids’ oral health. Between vacation, pool parties, and lazy days, their teeth may feel a little neglected. Here are some ways to keep oral hygiene in check during the summer months:

Cool down with water:

Summer brings hot weather and it’s tempting to cool down with beverages that are highly acidic or loaded with sugar (like popsicles, slushies, and soda). Instead, encourage kids to drink plenty of water to stay cool and hydrated. Also, discourage them from sucking or chewing on ice cubes-this can damage teeth by creating tiny fractures in the enamel.

Plan healthy snacks:

Since there will likely be lots of hanging out and relaxation time, be prepared with healthy snacks so chips and candy aren’t within reach. Fresh fruits or veggies with hummus are healthy crowd pleasers.

Use the songs of summer:

There are usually a few summertime hits that kids will be obsessed with. Use these as incentives to get them brushing. When it’s time to brush, play their favorite tunes on (that are about 2 minutes in length) and make sure they brush for the entire song.