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3 Ways To Make The Olympics A Learning Experience for Kids

Wednesday - August 10th, 2016
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The Olympics are upon us, which means that there will be endless hours of thrilling competition to watch this summer. If you have young kids, this may be their very first summer Olympics, and may be unfamiliar with many of the sports they see on TV.

Fortunately, watching the games together is not only a great way to spend time as a family, but can also be a wonderful learning experience for kids. Learn about new sports: Some of the summer games are familiar, like baseball and basketball, but your kids may be seeing other sports for the first time. Teach your kids about sports that are new to them or that you both may be less familiar with.

Try watching YouTube videos that explain the games and the rules before watching them at the Olympics. Sharpen geography skills: Get a world map to keep in the living room during the Olympics. Every time a new country is mentioned, help your kids find it on the map. Use this opportunity to talk about where different countries are located and some facts about them. Teach your kids about sportsmanship: During the Olympics, many athletes experience victory, but many others experience defeat. The Olympics is a good way to teach kids about good sportsmanship and how to take upsetting news gracefully.