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Workouts to Get the Family Moving

Wednesday - August 10th, 2016
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Summer can be an especially hard time to be motivated about you and your family’s health, since vacation, relaxing, and parties can get in the way. But exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, and it doesn’t even have to follow the traditional workout. Here are some fun, easy ways to get the family sweating without leaving your neighborhood.

Exercise your green thumb.

Gardening can be a great workout for the whole family to take part in. From weeding to raking, to planting seeds and bulbs, to mowing and shoveling, there are many physical activities that also help you keep your yard in shape. Plus, planting vegetables and herbs can be educational for kids to help grow and harvest for meals.

Walk the dog.

Having pets can get the family moving without it feeling like work. In fact, according to one study, dog owners are more likely to be active and reach their fitness goals than those without dogs. Playing fetch or keep-away with furry friends can get everyone running around. No pets? Simply take a stroll through the neighborhood in the morning or after dinner.

Have weekly sports nights.

Set a date for your family to get outside and play. Try ultimate Frisbee, lawn bowling, croquet, horseshoes or corn hole at least once a week. These are all simple and fun games that can keep the whole family active for hours.

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