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Dentists in Bonney Lake, WA

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Actual Patient Reviews
Ilona M. on Google
3 days ago
Everything thing went well. The front office staff is amazing and very caring. The specialist I went to see about the root canal was great. Very open and honest about what he saw and his recomendactions. The only issue I had was maybe the specialists assistant. She was quite aggressive when speaking with you. I was already nervous about the whole situation and I was trying to explain to her about my dentist office and what they did to me for me to have to come and look at getting a root canal. I think there was a language barrier problem because her responses was constantly what her point is and her point that I'm trying to get across and her point.. was very pushy and almost as if I was accusing her of something but all I was trying to do was break the ice a little because I was nervous and so I just wanted to conversate I guess. But otherwise everything was great and this office will probably my new dentist
Marlon H. on Google
4 days ago
The location was easy to find, the staff was very friendly and very helpful..... I would recommend
Mike R. on Google
3 weeks ago
New patient visit was smooth and pleasant. I was greeted with smiles and genuine interest. Front desk staff are very personable and professional. X-rays and examination were very good also with pleasant conversation between x-rays.
Holly M. on Google
1 month ago
Caring staff from the minute you walk into the door, throughout treatment, and when leaving.
Rachel R. on Google
1 month ago
Friendly and compassionate
Mark P. on Google
1 month ago
Great place with great people Highly recommended
JoNi A. on Google
3 months ago
Absurdly expensive
Marion . on Google
3 months ago
excellent care, timing, costs!
Luis Aguilera S. on Google
5 months ago
Amazing service!, highly recommended!
christine s. on Google
5 months ago
The brunette girl at the front desk was so wonderfully chipper and friendly. Space was clean and seemed well organized, doctor was friendly and efficient. Overall good experience. Went in for a quick emergency visit. Was day of and I was super pleased with the expediency!
Christine C. on Google
6 months ago
The staff is very friendly and gentle. I appreciate the availability of appointments.
Beth B. on Google
6 months ago
This is a wonderful, professional dental office. The Brittany’s made it fun and pain free. I highly recommend!!
Ana C. on Google
6 months ago
The service is amazing 👏
Kelly H. on Google
7 months ago
I HiGHLY recommend Bright Dental. Their staff and Doctors are friendly, gentle, caring, and the work top notch! I love the fit of my new crown, perfection! Thanks Bright Dental!
Margaret J. on Google
7 months ago
Love the staff. They are quick and efficient. Teeth cleaning has never been easier.
sandy s. on Google
7 months ago
You're the best dental ever , they care about you. They are very professional.
Lee E. on Google
8 months ago
Always great
Misty L. on Google
8 months ago
The staff have great customer service skills. They’re so kind and take the extra time to check on you and keep you updated
Kristjan H. on Google
8 months ago
I have been too this office twice. The first time for a routine visit, was happy with all the staff. Yesterday I broke a tooth and they were able to fit me in right away. Over all very happy with their service.
Kelly A. on Google
9 months ago
The staff are very attentive. Clean and comfortable office.
Jeremy K. on Google
11 months ago
Besides having 3 other Jeremy's scheduled at the same time as me and accidentally being pulled into a room for one of there procedure's ( don't worry nothing happened). It was a good visit.
Kevin C. on Google
11 months ago
Great team of dental professionals.
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