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Actual Patient Reviews
Luis M. on Google
1 day ago
I have been a patie here for the past 2 years. For the most part I am ok satisfied with the CS here. However this past visit for my dental cleaning, I had the Dental Hygienist "Susan". She was so pleasantly reassuring. She went over every item/procedure she was performing thoroughly explaining everything. I highly recommend this person.
Shirley D. on Google
1 week ago
I thought they were great. I was in and out and had no problems. I had three front teeth pulled. They are very nice staff and very helpful. It’s something I really appreciate.
Mechell R. on Google
3 months ago
Clean facility and nice people
Amber Rose K. on Google
6 months ago
Dentist Bridget was amazing! She explained everything very well and did a great job on my teeth. The team was awesome as well 👍
Felipe V. on Google
6 months ago
Very happy with their work. Dr. Bridgett was great!
Patrick M. on Google
7 months ago
Very positive experience; staff was efficient, friendly and professional. I will be sticking with Newport Dental in the future.
Ashley G. on Google
8 months ago
Honestly I had the best experience. The DR and the dental assistant made me feel comfortable. The procedure that they did felt scary and they made everything feel better thanks !
Gordon T. on Google
8 months ago
Very satisfied with my Newport experience
Kathy G. on Google
8 months ago
Was very happy got me in and fixed same day
Ronnie A. on Google
10 months ago
Great service, friendly staff.
fe c. on Google
1 year ago
I want to let you know if you have any hesitation about visiting the dentist because of fear, you can let that go. The staff from the assistants to the doctors treated me with quality care. They were friendly understading and profession. When the endontist assured me the root canal was going to be painless, I was skeptical bc I had that procedure done before and it was anything but. However, The treatment I recieved was literally painless. I am truly grateful and thankful to have found people who know what they are doing and take pride in their work. Bravo Long Beach Newport team. You have made me a believer that a dental visit should not be feared.
Ronald . on Google
1 year ago
They r great except when he pulled tooth did not suturer the opening...two months to heal !?
Angel T. on Google
1 year ago
The staff was nice but the facility wasn’t very clean . When I walk into a facility and it at least looks neat and clean , I feel that they care about appearance as well as overall experience for customers . When I walked in the carpet at the entrance was filthy , there was a roach right beside my dental chair and a fly kept buzzing around me. Hopefully this isn’t standard practice . Please update your facility appearance and ensure it aligns with how you want to be perceived by your clients . Regular cleaning will help
Dianne U. on Google
1 year ago
Love the service everyone is very caring and nice. I love going to this dentist and so will you❤️❤️
Selena Q. on Google
1 year ago
The staff is really nice!!
Priscilla G. on Google
1 year ago
The staff is great!
Sal P. on Google
1 year ago
I've been to 3 different dental office in the past 4 years. A relative informed me of Newport Dental. On my initial visit I was impressed. From the receptionist, technician, and Doctor. All displaying professionalism, people skills, and very helpful. I definitely would recommend Newport Dental in Long Beach to anyone.
Mark R. on Google
1 year ago
Very good visit all of the people did a good job.
Soul D. on Google
1 year ago
My dentist is very concerned about me and my health and well-being. She wanted to know if I had taken my medicine and had ate breakfast. She went through the trouble of having my husband bring me something to eat b4 my treatment. These are really good folks who have your health care in mind as well as your dental care.
Erasmo G. on Google
1 year ago
Buen trato y servicio
Paulina L. on Google
1 year ago
Dr. Okwuosa was very kind and helpful to my 6-year old daughter. We’d seen another dentist that wouldn’t do any work unless we agreed to extra services. Dr. Okwuosa took one look (literally) at my daughter’s tooth and immediately said she could correct the problem. Our wait time was minimal, even on a Saturday, and my daughter is much more comfortable with her smile.
Just B. on Google
2 years ago
Friendly staff that explains processes and procedures in a concise manner. Short wait-time. I recommend.
ramon e. on Google
2 years ago
Friendly staff, fast service,clean very happy with my Dental work thank you Newport Dental
Krystle B. on Google
2 years ago
From the person who answered the phone to schedule my appointment to all of the people I interacted with throughout my visit ALL showed kindness and care. I felt welcomed and respected. I was able to schedule all of my visits for days and times that worked around my work schedule.
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