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Actual Patient Reviews
Bob A. on Google
3 days ago
Update: 5/8/24: Difficult to contact this office by phone. Well, they called back... the dentist referred to below is no longer with them... in fact, I cant find him anywhere. However, they did get back with me... and I am scheduled for a cleaning with my old tech, who is great... so we will see how the new dentist is. Prev review: Very good experience getting a back molar crown replaced. Dr. Emmonds seems to be a very good "mechanic", which is what I look for in a dentist. Very quick, little motion wasted, knows just what to do, and gets a very good result. Also a friendly, no nonsense bedside manner. Very pleased with the result: A Zirconium crown which seems better than the one it replaced. BND also accepted my dental insurance (a DHMO from Cigna) which made the whole thing possible. Three thumbs up. Only thing I would change: The cleanings (which are 2nd level) are quite expensive, and not covered by the DHMO (regular cleanings are). Somehow, I would like a less expensive option here. The actual dental work has been excellent.
Brandon P. on Google
1 week ago
Wow!!! Highly recommend. Very kind, gentle, professional, educated, and experienced staff. Fast and efficient. Most importantly, quality service. Redid an old filling and did teeth cleaning with the dental hygienist. Seriously, one of the best dental experiences I've had.
Susan N. on Google
1 month ago
They are a great group. Very professional.
Jack B. on Google
1 month ago
Shermay is the absolute best. She and Dr. Emmons are both excellent and competent as well as professional, friendly, and truly caring about their clients!!!
Laurence . on Google
3 months ago
They did a good job I have clean teeth:-)
Sherri B. on Google
6 months ago
The staff and my dentist were wonderful. Having to change dentist’s is not always a good experience because you are taking chances. This time my change was excellent. Even though things did not go the way I wanted, my dentist did explain why and we will be taking the proper steps to fix all my problems. This time there will be no short cuts like my last dentist did.
Mark S. on Google
7 months ago
Quick and easy, and laid out a plan for future visits.
Jamie M. on Google
7 months ago
Absolutely fantastic personalities!!
Yair A. on Google
8 months ago
She took care of me
Lydia V. on Google
9 months ago
Longmont has such an excellent doctor and hygienist. Both Dr. Emmons and Shermay are great! The assistants are wonderful, friendly, and very knowledgeable. Front desk staff, Jess, is super helpful! Everyone in the office has been amazing! They all do great work!
Tonja H. on Google
11 months ago
I've been going to this office for 13 years. Great staff!
Brittany S. on Google
1 year ago
As a first time minor dental trauma patient, I was pretty nervous and had very little experience in a dental office for my whole adult life. When I experienced a cracked tooth, I called the Longmont Bright Now office and was scheduled an appt for the next day, everyone in the office is knowledgeable, kind and absolutely cares about the patient experience. My first procedure was completed with no pain or complications, and I was made very comfortable during the process. If I could give more stars to this wonderful team, I would!
Monica R. on Google
1 year ago
Best dentist and the lady’s are wonderful. I found my home base. Will be back for further appointments.
SJ C. on Google
1 year ago
The Doctor and his assistant were absolutely fantastic! The hygienist was kind and efficient. I appreciate that they were friendly, personable, and knowledgeable.
Chris M. on Google
1 year ago
I have been through four orthodontists in six years, and still my teeth are not aligned properly. It is very disheartening.Every time I think we’re on the right track, the doctor quits. They appear not to have any regular schedule or hours and run around covering several offices. However, the front desk people and the dental assistants are quite helpful. And the dental hygienist is outstanding in her knowledge,skill, and passion for her work!
G. Garrett C. on Google
1 year ago
went out of the way to fix the tooth problem
Sarah N. on Google
1 year ago
I love my dental hygienist. This office and I had hiccups during my 1st visits, 6-7 years ago. But every time I go in, something is different and in a positive way! Thank you for taking care of my pearlies!!!
Francis C. on Google
1 year ago
I was seen a second time as a follow up on my cleaning, great work and customer service. I love this place it rocks
Angelica A. on Google
1 year ago
Nice people ,nice services
Gloria L. on Google
1 year ago
Cordial and professional staff and doctor.
Kiki L. on Google
1 year ago
Have been going to this dental office for a couple of years now. Dr. Emmons is very acknowledgeable and professional. Very easy to work with and very nice always. Shermay is my go to lady for teeth cleaning and whitening for more than 5 years( Yes, I followed her from other office to longmont office). She is the sweetest lady I ever worked with for my teeth, and she take good care of all your teeth needs. And she can speak Chinese so its easy for my mom to communicate with her when she go get dental works done at their office. My friends are always so impressed how white my teeth are, I would send them to Shermay to get their teeth cleaning and whitening, everyone gets satisfaction ALWAYS!!! oh watch out, the front desk lady is very bossy! hahaha
Mike J. on Google
1 year ago
Dr Emmons has a great chair-side manner, explain things well, and makes sure that your questions are answered. Shermay, a sweet oriental lady, is the hygienist who always works with me. She's great, always remembering my son's name and asking about him. She knows my dental history very well so that she can keep good track of progress and changes in my dental health. The whole staff is pleasant and professional. I would gladly recommend anyone to go to these fine people for their dental care.
Tyffani B. on Google
1 year ago
Everyone was very friendly and non judgemental! Such an amazing experience from start to finish!
Elim Q. on Google
1 year ago
Very friendly, considerate and nice work!
Michelle R. on Google
2 years ago
Great experience. Kind and respectful and patient. I feel like I am in good hands.
Joseph S. on Google
2 years ago
Bright Now Dental provided me with the most positive experience compared to all other Medicaid accepting offices. The front desk always has a fantastic disposition. Dr. Emmons and his assistant Luna and Kristin, (apologies if spelling is incorrect,) definitely made my dental experience a memorable one and rebuilt my trust with dentists, which was not an easy thing to accomplish due to previous traumatic dental experiences.
John A. on Google
2 years ago
Bright Now has been my dentist for a little over a year and I am very pleased with both the Dr. and the hygienist. Great service and with their dental plan almost affordable.
Renee M. on Google
2 years ago
Staff are very kind!
Michael G. on Google
2 years ago
Great, friendly, prompt and effective dental service. I highly recommend them to anyone!
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