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Bright Now! Dental - Sacramento

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591 Watt Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95864
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Actual Patient Reviews

Sabrina L. on Google
6 days ago
Dr. Machado is a very friendly dentist great bedside manner explained everything to me. This was my first appointment no long wait in and out on. The front desk ladies are so nice and caring. The X-ray tech guy was nice. Dr. Machado was so nice help me stay calm during my visit. I’m really glad I found a great Dr. office is very clean and sanitary!
Elisa . on Google
2 weeks ago
Anthony G. on Google
1 month ago
Sherma the hygienist is very kind and knowledgeable, she makes you feel comfortable when cleaning and gives great suggestions about oral care. Thank you for all you do as a local hygienist in Sacramento
Tracy B. on Google
1 month ago
It was very promising. I now have hope that I’ll be able to have that beautiful smile again. They take time to help you come to a solution that will meets your needs. I’m very satisfied and greatful for your concern about giving me a chance to have my confidence back👍
Albert B. on Google
2 months ago
Dr. Machado is a very friendly dentist, first rate, from what I can tell, only met him once on initial exam. Partima is the Hygenist that deep cleaned and lasered my teeth, and she did an exceptional job. Highly recommended *****!!!
Julie A. on Google
2 months ago
After an extensive rebuild of my molar #30 and an outside Root Canal, my new crown is now in place! If feels good to bite down again. Good job done by both my dentist and Endodontists! I'm very thankful!
Linda W. on Google
2 months ago
Dr. Machado was so nice and caring.
Annette P. on Google
2 months ago
Went in for just a check up. Turns out I needed a root canal on a tooth with an $600 crown on it. They did it right then, and saved the crown! Painless! Love this place! Great staff!!
James M. on Google
2 months ago
Lisa B. on Google
3 months ago
Rhonda R. on Google
3 months ago
Yu S. on Google
3 months ago
TaTaniah J. on Google
3 months ago
My wait was less than two minutes upon arrival. I had my back tooth extracted and did not feel a thing! What also made my visit wonderful were the constant "explanations" from both the Dentist and Tech. I have another appointment in two weeks which makes it good for me because of the wonderful service I received from the Dentist and Tech.
Sad Trash g. on Google
3 months ago
Super nice people! Definitely recommend them. They do a well job at explaining everything to me and going down to even the prices.
Claudia M. on Google
3 months ago


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