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Bright Now! Dental - Tampa/Carrollwood

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14347 N. Dale Mabry Highway
Tampa, FL 33618
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Actual Patient Reviews
jae m. on Google
2 weeks ago
Actually enjoyed this Dentist visit,, Bright Now Dental Dale Mabry has the greatest staff ,, courteous, professional and efficient. Definitely 5 ⭐️ and referring them to anyone needing service , they’re re an excellent choice, thanks again,,
Tom C. on Google
3 weeks ago
I came in for a cleaning and got excellent treatment with the dental technician missing nothing and yet not going about the procedure roughly. As a matter of fact there were a couple of times I wanted to doze off in that comfortable chair. Everything was explained very well, the procedure and the cost, before anything was done. I was left with no questions to ask. The dentist was friendly and gave me a few tips to better clean my teeth in the future. The facility was set up in a sanitary fashion in case COVID were to surge again. All employees wore masks and latex gloves and expected each customer to enter the premises with a face mask already on. Update: I had to go in as a part of one tooth came out due to an old filling failure. The front desk supervisor was very helpful, scheduling me for the next day as the doctor was out then. When I arrived I was immediately called in, X-rays were taken, a curative procedure (crown) was decided upon and I was set with a temporary crown. Since I’m retired and on a fixed income I was concerned about the overall cost but they worked with me, getting a six month interest free arrangement set up while eliminating labor and prep costs. Humana insurance only offers a small discount. All in all it was a very pleasant experience for an unpleasant occurrence. 2nd update: During a regular cleaning visit my dentist, Dr. Sandra S. Herein, found a cavity that was very close to the root canal of a tooth. She suggested it be handled at that time. I agreed and with a minimum of pain she accomplished it perfectly. It involved removing the root canal as well. The procedure went smoothly also because she and the dental technician, Chris, were very knowledgeable and very thorough in what they did. They even had music of the 2000s on which put all of us in a good mood. Both of their ‘bedside’ manners were as good as they get. I would unhesitatingly recommend them to anyone else who is in need of dental work. 3rd Update: I had a temporary bridge for the replacement tooth set yesterday. This required shaping the amalgam of the tooth behind it. The entire process, including the elimination of a small surface cavity on the tooth in front, took as much time as it did for the novacaine to take effect. Everything went very smoothly with no pain. Chris fastened the temporary tooth and bridge well. If it proves to be as strong a bond as the temporary crown in my first post above there should be no concern of it coming loose. However, in the remote case that it could, he gave me two packets of Kerr’s Temp-Bond NE. The permanent bridge is scheduled for fitting in three weeks. Dr. Herein worked closely with me on finances, eliminating all costs but the actual product since I’m on a fixed income.
Claude C. on Google
3 weeks ago
Ernesto R. on Google
1 month ago
5 Stars, great medical, technician and management, at the time of the appointment they take care of you😀🙏
Sheontra L. on Google
1 month ago
Been meaning to write this review on Sandra Henein and Kathy from the front desk. I really appreciate both of them showing so much empathy for my dental emergencies. Such great people overall. Sandra really was just so warm and helped save my smile.
Ghislen R. on Google
1 month ago
I love Bright Now Dental Dale Mabry location It’s a very pleasant place and staff is friendly and helpful. Dr Royse is so professional and talented. I really trust on her staff and her service. Very satisfied with the service.Same Day i had my braces done. Thx
Sara C. on Google
1 month ago
Barbara N. on Google
1 month ago
Bright Now Carrollwood is friendly and excellent care.
glenda rumilda henriquez l. on Google
1 month ago
Super amables rápida atención. Lo mejor que atienden el fin de semana
fernando s. on Google
1 month ago
The dental assistant was very accommodating during the X-ray process. First time in a long time in a dentist office and I greatly appreciated his concern with the discomfort I had in my mouth. The dentist was very informative and shared her priority of the health benefits affiliated with dental care rather than it being a form of beauty. Very excited to focus on my dental health at this office
Jesse D. on Google
1 month ago
My son has been at Bright Now for a little over 2 years. He went in for his first orthodontist appointment for a consultation on braces. They did the consultation and put them on the same day. I was at a previous orthodontist who told me my son needed a $1500 appointment to clear him for braces with a TMJ specialist. They also told me he would have to wear these bars on his top braces for 6 months to fix his overbite so I chose to get a 2nd opinion through Bright Now and I’m so grateful I did! She assured me she could fix his overbite and straighten his teeth with basic braces. She walked me through his care plan and told me it would be about 2 years before he would be getting his braces off. He got them off 2 months ago and his teeth are perfect! The entire staff has been so helpful and professional. All of his appointments (even through Covid) were seamless. They are very easy to work with and I loved that they sent multiple reminders because let’s face it in today’s day and age we are all so busy it’s easy to forget. Can’t stress how happy we are with the results. I recommend them to anyone who asks. Thank you Bright Now…my son is no longer self conscious of his smile and that makes all of the difference when your in middle/high school.
Tim C. on Google
2 months ago
Cynthia M. on Google
2 months ago
This was the most organized & Friendly environment, the Staff were very helpful & Dr Sandra was AMAZING
Adele M. on Google
2 months ago
Absolutely felt comfortable after meeting with the Dentist & her Assistant. Everything was explained to me in simple language as far as what treatment plan was suggested. Receptionist was very friendly & helpful also. Would definitely recommend this place to family & friends. Looking forward to a BIG BEAUTIFUL SMILE 😃 again!!
Malcolm M. on Google
2 months ago
Much better of late with front-of-house staff, a new hygienist and a dentist! Very promising.
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