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Actual Patient Reviews
Jennifer N. on Google
1 week ago
I decided to try this office again since there was a new doctor. Dr. Korman was absolutely fabulous! Great bedside manner, intelligent and friendly. The staff was also very friendly and professional. I highly recommend this office AND Dr. Korman!
Jenna L. on Google
6 months ago
My doctor was James and he was an absolute delight - the only downside is this location is not his usual work place! The staff was all wonderful, my comfort was made top priority, and everything went without a hitch. Love the staff here.
Elaine G. on Google
6 months ago
The dentist was knowledgeable and explained things with attention to the details. He was at the same time kind and understanding.
Andy P. on Google
1 year ago
Everybody was wonderful.
Toni T. on Google
1 year ago
While most everyone was kind and good to my son at his visit the periodontist upset him very much. I had told the receptionist prior to the appointment and when filling out his records that he was autistic. She talked to only him and he didn't understand anything she said to him. He felt as if what she said was a death sentence to him. She not once came out to talk to me. He worried and fretted the rest of the day. He may look like a grown man but he more like a pre teen so it was very frightening. I hope in the future she and the rest of the staff educate themselves on disabilities and how to treat people with dignity and respect.
Jessica N. on Google
1 year ago
This location was clean and the people who work there are very nice and professional. I give it 3 stars because yesterday was my first visit and I expected to get a cleaning. I left work early and came for my appointment and the doc came in and just did a gum check. I was not made aware that I needed to make two appointments to get a cleaning. Very frustrating that I needed to leave work early again to get the cleaning done later.
Janel Kane (. on Google
1 year ago
I am triggered by dental work and I'm a very anxious patient but they were gentle, kind, non-judgemental and put me at ease.
Pam Y. on Google
1 year ago
Staff are friendly and helpful. I felt treated with respect by hygienist Yvonne and dentist Dr Wolfe. The office is always clean. I have been a client for over 10 years. Check out Bright Now Dental for yourself.
angelie c. on Google
1 year ago
The Hygienist did a great job cleaning my teeth. Doctor Wolf was also nice.
Coleen F. on Google
1 year ago
Dental care is fine but only open two days a week, which means long delays and they have been frustrating to work with.
Ellen K. on Google
2 years ago
Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable
Richard M. on Google
2 years ago
Everything went well. Very nice dental assistant. Can't remember her name though. Other times I have been there everyone is pleasant and professional.
Arturi B. on Google
2 years ago
I was terrified of the dentist due to a horrible experience when I was younger, however due to a pretty increasingly dire emergency I couldn't delay any longer. I found Bright Now and explained my situation to them and from the moment they took that initial look to the end of the procedure 2-months after the fact, they have been nothing by fantastic! Highly recommend them.
Trey M. on Google
3 years ago
Wow! I had to have an extraction, which is never any fun. While this extraction wasn't fun, it wasn't painful. I was in an accident and all of my teeth were affected, so I've had many dental procedures. This was the best extraction I've ever had AND goofy gas wasn't an option on the day I was there and it was still fine. The extraction was about 18 hours ago, I am feeling no discomfort and am working. Thanks Bright Now! Dental!!!
Brenda C. on Google
3 years ago
Staff always polite and promp. Discuss every procedure that's best for me before I decide. Great people in general. The doctor and techs are awesome always make me feel important and comfortable. Highly recommended. I have a bright now right next to my house but I can not part from this facility because I love it never thought I'd say that about ther dentist lol but true!
B W. on Google
3 years ago
Very friendly and capable staff. They really try to make you comfortable!
Chad B. on Google
3 years ago
Marianna R. on Google
3 years ago
They answered all my questions and made sure I received the best care I need.
Rex C. on Google
4 years ago
Long term patient, and the staff is always helpful, professional, and courteous..
August W. on Google
4 years ago
Generally good work, but they always seem to add extra services that appear unnecessary.
Thomas G. on Google
4 years ago
Excellent service best dental staff around!
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