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Dentists in Woodinville, WA

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Actual Patient Reviews
Debbie Smith M. on Google
1 day ago
Very professional. Took care of all of my insurance details. My mouth and teeth look great!
Lisa s. on Google
6 days ago
Everyone who works in this office is so nice! The receptionist, dental hygienist and Dr V. are all good ant their jobs and efficient. I really appreciated it. It is very different from the last time I was there so it was a pleasant surprise for me.
Noah Z. on Google
1 week ago
I love the dentists here. Vishwanat taught me a lot
Bob P. on Google
1 week ago
Note**a very experienced dentist named "Dr V" has taken over the office now and she is absolutely fabulous!!! A perfect fit and a breath of fresh air..., she takes the time to answer any questions you have and is always happy to meet new and previous patients. You can tell she is genuinely interested in meeting people and helping with your needs. When you ask a question, she keeps eye contact with you and listens to what you have to say. I personally had considered finding a new dentist after the first of the year but I decided I would give them one more try. **I AM GLAD I DID***because I she seems like the type of dentist I would have been looking for! Very happy I made that decision. If you had that same feeling about changing doctors, go see her and she will change your mind without you even telling her that you were possibly unhappy before!! . I highly recommend " Dr. V " and the staff at Woodinville..Dr. V. IS MY DENTIST 😁
SUZANNE M. on Google
2 weeks ago
Dr. V is amazing, thoughtful and a great listener. Really appreciate the care I received!
Griffin B. on Google
1 month ago
Always as pleasant as a trip to the dentist can be! Dr. Vishwanat is very professional, kind, and respectful. She and the rest of the staff provide a comfortable experience every time
Jennifer H. on Google
1 month ago
Staff and doctor were amazing. Very friendly, let me know what to expect and checked in with me often to make sure I was doing okay. Would recommend to my inner circle!
Makks K. on Google
1 month ago
Thank you Dr. Vishwanat! You are so great! All the team here is amazing I travel from Marysville just to come here
Samantha C. on Google
2 months ago
I love love this dental office, all the staff is very friendly and helpful. Would recommend to anyone. The new doctor is amazing too.
Ethan C. on Google
2 months ago
Friendly staff, and good service.
Andjelka P. on Google
2 months ago
I am thrilled to have a new dentist Dr. Vishwanat in Bright Now Woodinville. She is the most sensitive and wholesome in her approach. She takes time to get to know her patients and understand their goals and fears. She communicates extremely respectfully and clearly and immediately made me more comfortable. She also goes above and beyond to follow up and ensure her patients are doing well. She has a very light touch and makes sure that during procedures you remain as comfortable as possible. Thank you Dr. Vishwanat.
amala j. on Google
2 months ago
Dr V was fantastic! Very calm, thorough and made my experience so much better! I highly recommend her & won’t go anywhere else!
Andrew A. on Google
2 months ago
Before I came to this dentistry my gums were constantly bleeding and I could tell something was wrong. They immediately diagnosed the problem and I got a root cleaning with lasers done. The whole process was fast, easy, and my gums have never felt better. They dont bleed anymore. Shoutout to the staff here for doing a wonderful job!
Barbara S. on Google
2 months ago
I was able to get an appointment right away. The staff at the Woodinville location is very professional and welcoming.
Lorr W. on Google
2 months ago
I feel calm when at my appointments. That is a big deal for me, since I have aspergers... never before felt calm at a dentist. 😀
Alison B. on Google
2 months ago
My crown came loose and the dentist was so careful to make it right. The whole staff really was helpful. Will be going back
Perry M. on Google
8 months ago
The deep cleaning procedure I had done was the most pain-free I've ever had! Appointment availability is great as well.
Jackie F. on Google
8 months ago
Excellent dental care. Professional and kind regard for patients. Outstanding team work!
Sean Y. on Google
8 months ago
Excellent Service 100% satisfied
Becky M. on Google
1 year ago
Works with your schedule.
Linda R. on Google
1 year ago
Always friendly and professional. Short waiting time when arriving for appointment.
Shaunise S. on Google
1 year ago
As a new patient my first visit was wonderful. All of my concerns were addressed and the front staff were very helpful with planning my treatment plan along with my insurance plan.
Snowwight . on Google
1 year ago
Very nice people and the sergan that I saw he was very kind
Kellen L. on Google
1 year ago
Was extremely impressed with work done on teeth. And staff was very kind 😁
Bradley W. on Google
2 years ago
Just the best. Efficient and professional!
Scotty R. on Google
2 years ago
Had a crown fall off. They got me in the next day. Friendly and very helpful!!
Guy P. on Google
3 years ago
The whole staff is very professional, and my experiences have always been very positive.
Jane B. on Google
3 years ago
The staff were all very professional. They brought to my attention that I needed to have deep cleaning. They went ahead and did it with approval. Very good communication on what is covered and not covered. They gave us 3 different payment options for further work that I needed I would highly recommend them.
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