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The [Only] Five Things Worse Than Tooth Pain

Wednesday - August 15th, 2018
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Toothaches are the worst, which is why the dentist really is your friend (we promise!). And while it was quite the challenge, we managed to find five things more painful than your teeth hurting.

1. Burning Your Mouth on a Cup of Coffee

Coffee is our sweet, sweet relief in the wee hours of the morning when you just don’t feel quite human yet. So, when you’re prepared for comfort and get burned (literally), it’s just devastating. The thing with a coffee burn is that it’s so unexpected. It’s like having a Bath and Body Works coupon for a free travel-size signature item and it being expired when you go to checkout. The anticipation and excitement were so real, but all you’re left with is shock and disappointment.


Plus, that instant burn doesn’t just give you a quick punch to the gut. No, no. Instead, you are left with a numb tongue and useless taste buds for the rest of your day.

2. When Netflix Isn’t working.

Whether you’re trying to binge-watch Grey’s or just keep the kids entertained, part of your heart breaks when Netflix stops working. What are we supposed to do with our free time, Netflix?! Not stare at a screen? No, thank you.


3. “I’m not mad, just disappointed.”

Worst. Saying. Ever. Whether it’s said by your parents, boss, or significant other, those words are pretty crushing.


4. Going on National TV Only to Have a Guy Propose to You, Take It Back, and Choose Someone Else

This hasn’t happened just once in Bachelor history, but TWICE. Two guys have both initially chosen a girl, proposed, and then taken their proposals back, just to choose the girl they once rejected. Based off the past 22 seasons, there’s a 9% chance of it happening again.


5. A Little Thing Called Childbirth

The moms reading will agree: childbirth is no joke. Oh, and the fact that some women actually give birth naturally, we’re talking no numbing, no drugs, nada… *Mic drop*