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Affordable Dentist: Financing a Root Canal

Monday - January 29th, 2018
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Dental health care is an important part of everybody’s daily routine. It not only helps in improving our oral health but also prevents complicated dental problems. Having problems locating the best dentist in town for your dental health care? Worry no more. Bright Now Dental locations cover both preventative and restorative/cosmetic dentistry which involves teeth cleaning, ceramic fillings, root canals, and veneers among others. We believe in providing quality dental care at affordable prices. We offer the most affordable payment plans for our patients and also provide them the best financing options to cater their dental treatment bills.

Whenever a patient visits a dentist with a tooth problem, there is always a complex dilemma whether to save the tooth through a root canal treatment or to remove the tooth and replace it with a dental implant. The treatment option will mainly depend on the condition of the tooth, financial considerations, the patient’s general medical and dental health and the patient’s preference.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that allows dentists to treat certain tooth problems without necessarily having to remove the entire tooth. This treatment can be accessed at any dentist near me, root canal, payment plans, dental financing and can be used to treat a wide range of teeth problems which include: abscesses, deep cavities and injuries.

Research however shows that most dental patients do not realize when it’s time to undergo a root canal procedure. In most cases they visit the dentist near me, root canal, payment plans, dental financing when it’s too late. To avoid this, it’s always highly recommended that you go for a dental check up every year or visit your dentist near me, root canal, payment plans, dental financing immediately you experience any of the following symptoms:

Unlike several years back where movie scenes and TV commercials depicted root canal treatment to be synonymous with medieval torture, modern technology employed by dentist near me, root canal, payment plans, dental financing has made it less of a threat. The procedure only involves removing the affected tooth pulp and filling the hollow tooth with a long lasting, rubbery material.

For a successful root canal procedure, visit the nearest Bright Now dentist and enjoy our professional services at affordable prices. Also contact our offices at 1-844-400-7645 if you have any questions or if seeking any consultations.

Financing a Root Canal

We at Bright Now Dental are aware that although most people are willing to commit to regular dental treatments, the investment in this kind of lifestyles proves to be a challenge to many, especially for low income earners who have no insurance plans to cover their dental costs. That’s why Bright Now Dental came up with flexible payment plans that are able to accommodate most of our clients. They are convenient and affordable. Therefore with these payment plans, you have no reason to delay your treatment or appointment with our dentists due to financial constraints. These payment options include:

Affordable Dentist Payment Plans

No full amount at hand to pay for your services?

Our local dentists understand that emergencies do happen and you may not always be in a position to pay for your services. But luckily our payment services have no interest and we also offer extended terms up to 48 months at 14.9% promotional interest rates.

All you need to do is browse financing options and download the patient financial application form. You will then be required to fill out the form which would be a simple task since it’s only a single paged document. This helps us to check your credit legibility so as to determine the payment plan that best suits you. Therefore there is no need to worry about paying for your dental cost at once. You can spread the cost over time at your own convenience.

The use of use of third party health care financing companies is gaining popularity as another option to help patients finance their dental work which also involves root canal process. Such companies include the CareCredit program. The advantage of working with such companies to finance your root canal processes is that you will not incur any upfront costs when enrolling, they offer low monthly payment plans, no teaser rates and offer extended payment plans to suit you pay roll.

At Bright Now Dental we accept most insurance plans. There are numerous coverage that are available for your dental insurance plans. They include the individual plans, comprehensive, family and limited coverage. If you intend to get a higher premium, you should consider getting more coverage. Although initially it may seem costly, higher coverage will help you save a lot in the long run since it covers more procedures that can be quite costly to pay for from your own pocket.

Another thing to consider when getting a dental insurance plan is determining whether your insurance is indemnity or managed care policy. With the indemnity policy, you can get dental services from any dentist while managed care policy only limits you to a specific dentist.

Taking advantage of the discounts offered on dental care.

By utilizing the available promotions and special offers offered by our offices, you can greatly reduce your dental cost. It’s not really a way of financing your root canal procedure but it will help you lower your expenditure. Find local dentists by entering your ZIP, and select the nearest office to your location to print your offer and benefit from our dental promotions.

For instance, the $59 Exam & Digital X-rays offer accessible in most of our locations is not only helpful during root canal processes but also important for you general dental health care. The oral exam allows your dentist near me to examine your teeth for any dental problems. This means that tooth decays and cavities can be detected early enough and be rectified through the root canal procedure before the damage worsens.

X-rays on the other hand are essential in most dental procedures including the root canal procedures. They assist the dentist to examine beyond what they can see with their naked eye. It helps the dentists to examine how damaged your tooth is and if root canal would be the best form of treatment. Benefiting from such digital X-rays offer at our would also reduce your dental treatment expenditure.

Affordable Dental Plans

Dental plans are discount plans where you pay an agreed amount of money that qualifies you to access treatment and dental care from any orthodontist or dentist who is also participating in that specific discount plan. Unlike dental insurance, dental plans available at your local Bright Now Dental are available to anyone and usually provide a membership into a service partnership connecting dental care providers with their patients at greatly discounted rates. They are also easy to join and involve no paperwork since everything is done online. They operate a lot like a membership at a warehouse club.

You only need to produce your membership card at any dentist near me, root canal, payment plans, dental financing and pay the co-payment needed. Although dental plans also attract a monthly fee, they are much lower than dental insurance. What’s more, dental plan members can save up to 60% off the regular dental cost.


Use of CareCredit is another way you can still use to finance your root canal treatment. This kind of payment option allows you to access treatment at any local dentist and then be paying your bill over some time depending on the agreement you’ve made with creditor. Credit cards are mainly used to cover medical expenses that aren’t often covered by insurance. You are then required to pay back the bill with a time range of 6 to 24 months.

However, you should be careful when it comes to paying for your dental services using CareCredit. This is because in case you fail to pay the full agreed amount before the agreed time elapses, you end up being hit with all the accrued interest. The ARP for credit cards stands at 26.99% while it attracts an average interest of 16.5%. We at Bright Now Dental accept the major credit cards.

Dental Financing at a Dentist Near Me

Dental financing has allowed dental patients to pay for their dental treatment over a given period of time without necessarily having to pay it at once. The dental loan can then be divided into several low monthly payments.

Its main advantage over the use of credit card at your dentist near me, root canal, payment plans, dental financing is that it includes no hidden fees or charges and also saves you the high and stiff penalties that you would have incurred for late payments using your credit cards. Additionally you can raise your credit score by settling you monthly payments in time thus making you eligible for other types of dental financing in future.

Finances are a common concern for most dental patients at any dentist near me, root canal, payment plans, dental financing scheme. This is because most dental procedures are relatively expensive. At Bright Now Dental we believe that these financial problems should not be the reason for you to delay that smile. It’s for this reason that our dentist near me, root canal, payment plans, dental financing offer quality dental treatment procedures with accommodating payment plans. Remember that good dental health is both essential for your overall wellbeing and self-confidence in 2018 – get an appointment with our skilled dental personnel or contact us through 1-844-400-7645 today!