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Peppermint Oil for a Clean Mouth and Healthy Body

Monday - December 19th, 2016
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Peppermint has long been a natural remedy for cultures all across the world.

Ancient Chinese and Japanese folk medicine made use of its incredible properties, while Pluto in Greek mythology transformed the nymph Mentha into an herb after falling in love with her. Traces of peppermint oil have even been found in many Egyptian pyramids. It’s clear that many see the benefit in this essential oil, which is distilled from the hybrid species of spearmint and water mint.

With all of its aromatic, oral, or topical applications, it’s possible that peppermint is the most versatile of all essential oils. The most common use is helping our breath smell fresh, which is one of peppermint’s most noted qualities, but when it comes to dental health, it can do more than that. In some studies, peppermint oil reduced cavities better than some mouthwash chemicals like chlorhexidine.

There are so many other uses for peppermint, and we have listed our ten favorite applications below.

Muscle Pain Reliever
Hunger Reducer
Dandruff Reducer
Bug Repellant
Allergy Reliever
Nausea Reducer
Sunburn Reliever
Bloating Reducer
Teething Soother