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Pregnancy and Dental Care

Thursday - August 4th, 2016
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Taking care of your teeth when you’re pregnant isn’t just about you – it’s about the health of your baby. A baby’s teeth begin to develop during the second trimester of pregnancy! While it’s a myth that pregnancy causes you to lose calcium from your teeth, it is true that you need to eat plenty of calcium in your food and a balanced diet over all to make sure you and your baby are properly nourished.

Additionally, it’s common for pregnant women to experience red, swollen or bleeding gums. This is known as “pregnancy gingivitis” and is thought to be caused by increased hormone levels like progesterone, which can cause a stronger-than-normal response to plaque on your teeth.

By brushing and flossing regularly and eating a healthy balanced diet, pregnant women can maintain good oral health for themselves and for their babies. Remember, you can always ask your dentist if you have any questions about how to prevent or treat gingivitis, or how to brush and floss properly.